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Gender Inequalities - Research Paper Example

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1- Will sex differences become more strongly linked to biology? In the study of Simon Baron Cohen about “The Essential Difference: The Male and Female Brain” he stated that there is indeed a difference between genders and this can be traced to their biological make up…
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Gender Inequalities
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Download file to see previous pages Little girls showed the opposite preference. And one-day-old boys look far longer at a mechanical mobile. Culture and socialization certainly play a role in determining if you develop a male brain (stronger interest in systems) or female brain (stronger interest in empathy). But these studies of infancy strongly suggest that biology also partly determines this (pg. 23). Even when they grow up, boys tend to be more focused on their interests during their play and tend to ignore newcomers. Girls on the other hand are more receptive to newcomers in their plays. Newcomers in their games also behave differently. Boys tend to hijack existing games to focus the attention to him. Girls on the other hand tend to stay at the sidelines and observe the existing play and then make effort to fit in. These accounts manifest that the differences of gender in biology do not stop at infancy but rather continue during their formative years indicating that they are biologically wired differently. Girls by birth just intuitively knows how to figure out how people are feeling and thus how to treat them with care and sensitivity while boys are inherently predisposed to “systemizing” or to analyze and “explore a system, to extract underlying rules that govern the behavior of a system” but generally inadequate in terms of empathy compared to girls. In the class survey, the class got it partially right when the survey yielded that it is true but missed on the girl’s tendency to be emphatic 2- Will the wage gap lessen between the sexes? The wage gap between sexes can and should be lessened. Especially if "every piece of data. . . have suggests that there is not a significant performance gap [between men and women]” (Goudreau). At present, discrimination in pay that results to wage gap still exists between sexes even when both genders are performing the same job with the same performance. This is despite the fact that there is a law called Equal Pay Act that was passed in 1963.which was supposed to end discrimination in wages. There are efforts undertaken however to lessen wage gaps. In addition to the law passed in 1963, corporate advisors suggested to have an “exacting formula” to fight wage gap. This works in a way that if “companies introduced narrow pay ranges for each title and clear metrics for performance-related bonuses . . . compensation would be fairer”. This may not solve the issue of gender wage gap entirely but it will at least lessen the wage gap between sexes. Women can also undertake proactive measures such as knowing how much they should be making based on position, industry, location and their contribution to the company and assert on it. 3- Will the practice of honor killing ever cease to exist? How? The accounts of honor killing may sound horrible but they do exist even today. It is generally tied up to culture and norm that is deeply entrenched in several societies. For example in societies where the belief that women are symbolic bearers of honor is widely held and strictly enforced, it would be difficult for it to stop because honor killing is justified as a punishment against perceived moral infraction such as “sexual contamination”. It will take time for it to stop because for it to cease it would also necessitate the change of perspective among women. Honor killing is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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