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Aspects of Social Life - Essay Example

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This paper makes some accent on the alienation which refers to the concept of an individual being separated from their natural relations. In general, alienation refers to the state of an object or an individual being separated from its natural conditions of existence for any number or type of reason. …
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Aspects of Social Life
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Extract of sample "Aspects of Social Life"

Download file to see previous pages As Churchich (1990) says, the antagonism between the two groups arises from the fact that in a capitalistic mode of production, the capital owners will seek to get the most from the labour which the labourers provide. This would then mean that they will seek to give the least possible compensations for the labour they provide and at the same time seek to have them work as much as can be possibly achieved by a human being. The labour providers on the other hand will be looking to get the highest compensation for their labour and seek to do the least work. As these differences continue to build, tensions will be built between the two classes of people and they will be estranged from each other (Churchich, 1990). Marx’s concept of alienation clearly comes in the modern American capitalistic system where several private firms have been embroiled as the public (usually the poor workers) have accused these firms of unfairly overexploitation through overworking and underpaying them. This has led to these two classes of human beings been alienated from each other, and also to look at each other as enemies. These conflicting interests can be seen as causing alienation in a number of ways. For instance, apart from leading to alienation between different groups of human beings who should otherwise belong together, it also causes alienation in a more dehumanizing manner, which is alienation from the natural mode of producction (Fromm, 2004). Marx was a believer in materialism. His argument for materialism as a way to understand humanity, and the essence of humans was because naturalism could not be used to define human since humans are part of nature and therefore, nature cannot be referenced in the definitions of humans. Material needs and the human...
According to the paper Marx had a very different understanding of life, nature and human socialism. Some of his philosophical ideas were not only controversial but also revolutionary. For instance, contrary to the old concept of defining humans by relating them to nature or natural things, Marx tried to understand human nature by looking at artificial things such as the mode of production which is in use in a particular society. By the time Marx was putting forward his theories the western world was just emerging from feudalism mode of production and coming to the capitalist mode of production.
Under capitalism, there is division of labour which means that the individual does not produce a finished product but rather they produce a part of a finished product. Division of labour has meant that individuals can only participate in producing one part of the product and all these many pieces are then joined together into one piece to make a whole product.
It come to the conclusion that while Marx does not seem to attack capitalism directly, he seems to point to the fact that it is not the most efficient or optimum mode of production for a society especially due to its inability to meet social needs of the society. This is because as he argues, there are imbalances brought about by the fact that the capitalist mode of production is driven by profits and this creates a lift between the capital owners and the workers. However, capitalism seems to be a better form of production than feudalism and in this case, Marx seems to be pointing to the fact that the mode of economic production is evolving towards an optimum mode of production, with each older one being replaced by a better mode of production. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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