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One question from each group and submit a 500-word response - Assignment Example

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Q.1 The risks that are faced in the contemporary world are largely invisible, uninsurable and democratic, which makes them the kind of issues that cannot be taken care of on one and for all basis. Analysis of this statement reveals that most of the risks that the world faces repeatedly are not felt immediately…
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One question from each group and submit a 500-word response
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Download file to see previous pages However, the insurability of the issue cannot be proved based on Ulrich Beck statement and current trends in climate change. This is following the presence of measures taken by different organization including governments to ensure that the effects of climate change are countered, and even prevented from taking place in the first place. Because of this, there are efforts to guarantee a secure future in relation to climate change, where factors that lead to climate change are in the process of being handled with the use of conventions and agreements signed by different pro-environmental conservation groups. All this is in a bid to prevent further damage to the environment while taking local measures to reverse the damage done to the environment especially in relation to global warming and climate change. In addition, the insurability of the risks we face today can be questioned and even proved wrong following the presence of immediate benefits thanks to conservation efforts. As such, the risks we face today in climate change are invisible, but can be made visible by accepting and learning from the past, as well as putting measures in place such as environmental conservation to make them insurable. ...
Looking at global warming and climate change, all the organizations and governments that have come together to implement policies and conventions on conservation indicate a conscious efforts and decisions made to prevent them from impacting the world as global risks (Beck 2009, p.6). In addition, there are those that are opposed to ratifying conventions and agreements, but it is still their choice as they are of the opinion that it infringes on their best interests. This, therefor, indicates the democratic nature of the risks faced in this day and age by the globe due to conscious efforts and choices to either improve or ruin the world. Q.4 There are different theories that look into globalization, in which there are also contemporary theories of the same of which we shall analyze two. The world system theory of globalization acts as a critic against capitalism, where it looks at capitalism as an attempt to expand its reach further than it currently is. Then world system theory is of the perception that the entire world seeks to come together and act as a full system with different subsystems meant to serve the world and its needs. This is in which case it is absorbent of all existing mini systems creating a new world order in an attempt to create the earlier said single system. The single system of the world system theory looks at bringing people together under a single understanding of the occurrences on the globe, but it is divided using distinct boundaries. The boundaries in this case are three and entail the capitalist view of the world bringing the first division to be that of the core or the developed centers of the system (Robinson 2007, p.129). The second division of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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One Question from Each Group and Submit a 500-Word Response Assignment.
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