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Impact of CCTV on Society - Essay Example

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This essay analyzes that CCTV cameras are being used drastically these days. These cameras are installed at homes, businesses, or any other location that requires surveillance or security. CCTV cameras are used in order to keep a strict eye and record all such activities…
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Impact of CCTV on Society
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Extract of sample "Impact of CCTV on Society"

Download file to see previous pages The use of this camera is not just limited to enclosed spaces but these cameras are being deployed at various crowded and public places like malls, parking lots etc. to ensure the safety of individuals. The major issues with the installation of CCTV cameras are that it intrudes privacy. Personally, I believe that CCTV cameras are quite essential and are playing a very important role in ensuring security. (Macchet, 2003, 100) Before the advent of CCTV cameras individuals particularly relied on human resource for their deterrence. The need for developing CCTV camera came during the 1970's in order to protect and provide security to banks which were always facing severe security threats. Initially, the quality of these cameras was quite low and usually grainy images were obtained through them. With the passage of time, this technology has increased its quality and market tremendously. These cameras were previously deployed at high-risk places, shops and were used by the police to aid them in an investigation. But now these cameras are used almost everywhere from schools, universities, offices, factories as well as for domestic purposes. The technology has now increased so much that it provides remote operations and also give high resolution colored images of individuals. Furthermore, CCTV cameras are also well equipped with the technology to read car number plates and moreover record those details in the main database. The most advanced technology regarding the CCTV has speakers which allow individuals to speak directly to those who are being mischievous on the roads thus making it quite convenient to deter crime quickly and effectively. "Given heightened awareness of public safety and increased demand for greater security in the face of growing threats of terrorist violence, CCTV seems in most projects the ultimate solution." (Grolle, 2009,11) CCTV cameras are very important to provide security and are one of the most essential components in deterring crime. Use of CCTV cameras for security purposes is a very important innovation when it comes to preventing crimes. In modern times all security plans that are developed incorporate the use of CCTV cameras to stop crimes. Furthermore, the recording and shreds of evidence obtained through these CCTV cameras are used by the law enforcement agencies as valid proofs when it comes to court trials or identifying the accused by the help of these films. Apart from this CCTV are used at numerous places to stop crimes, for instance, schools have CCTV cameras installed in order to ensure security and protect the sovereignty of students and teachers by restricting them from involving in any unethical activity. (Fyfe, 2010,31) Some people usually contradict the security factor and consider it to be a breach to the privacy of people. As these CCTV cameras are installed at public places to ensure security, some people consider it to be against ethics and a contradictory factor that is harming the human rights. This comes as an outburst to the civil liberties as individuals cannot do anything freely and always have certain watchdogs that are keeping an eye on them. Apart from this, the schools were CCTV cameras are installed the majority of the time the faculty and students have this fear of being watched over which causes them to behave in a robotic manner limiting expression and thus suppressing their individuality.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Impact of CCTV on Society Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words)
Impact of CCTV on Society Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
“Impact of CCTV on Society Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words”, n.d.
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