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To what extent do you agree that CCTV has had a positive effect on society - Essay Example

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Quite a lot of people consider it a sever interference into their private lives denying the thought that it has a positive impact on their…
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To what extent do you agree that CCTV has had a positive effect on society
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Extract of sample "To what extent do you agree that CCTV has had a positive effect on society"

Download file to see previous pages The first area under review is airport territory as, unfortunately, airports become one of the main targets for terrorists what requires increased attention of security. Human capacity is limited to keep in focus all the details, especially small ones, even if many people are employed. That is the main reason why Closed Circuit Television surveillance is needed. For instance, all the records can be saved and revised should the need arise for more clarification. Such a situation explains the necessity of CCTV implementation to reduce the risk of terrorist attacks and to assist better in questions of preventive measures. Due to this factor, it is possible to minimize the need of hiring a great number of people what is reflected on the economic performance in general. Additionally, with the help of CCTV it is easier to control the quality of pilots work that is the most essential in questions of passengers safety. Moreover, being under control, the level of responsibility is growing and makes people perform better with their obligations. Besides that, such surveillance helps to monitor the quality of services provided by the airport staff, like baggage maintenance and handling, for instance (Airport Security, 2009). To opposite to all those people who worry about their privacy, it should be mentioned that all the video observation is absolutely confidential and only a few people have access to those files what leaves no place for fears of the interference into anyones private life.
The other area where CCTV cameras are useful is on the roads. The article (ZeeNews, 2014) has a negative feedback on the growing quantity of cameras and the accessibility to the recorded information. But, according to Surveillance Road Map, where the laws protecting Human Rights are described, it is stated that such an important question as privacy is regulated by the set of laws that carry penalties and punishment corresponding to the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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