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Organisations should always try to hire employees with high levels of Agreeableness. Do you agree with this statement Sup - Essay Example

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Organisations Should Always Try to Hire Employees with High Levels of Agreeableness Name: Institution: Course : Tutor: Date: Organisations Should Always Try to Hire Employees with High Levels of Agreeableness Agreeableness is a personality trait among the five main personality traits, agreeable individuals are warm, kind, sympathetic and considerate, agreeable individuals tend to trust other people, believe that most people are honest and decent…
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Organisations should always try to hire employees with high levels of Agreeableness. Do you agree with this statement Sup
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Extract of sample "Organisations should always try to hire employees with high levels of Agreeableness. Do you agree with this statement Sup"

Download file to see previous pages This paper will look at why organisations should take into consideration the levels of agreeableness of an individual before employing the individual. Agreeableness as a personality trait has other traits in it that are considered as important in determining how agreeable an individual is, these are altruism, modest, straightforwardness, compliance and tender mindedness. This paper shall dwell on each of these traits to show why organisations should employ people with high levels of agreeableness (Neal, Yeo, Koy & Xiao 2012). Straightforwardness is the characteristic of an individual to be honest and frank, individuals with this trait tend not to hide anything or use ambiguity to cover any actions or information. For an organisation, hiring these individuals would mean that all transactions would be honest and information that is passed to the clients is honest, accurate and free from ambiguity. This in return would mean that customers would learn be able to trust information passed to them and the ability of the organisation to deliver on its responsibilities. For instance, in a manufacturing industry that processes milk, a straightforward employee would give the accurate shelf life of the product thereby consumer would be assured that the milk is not bad when they are purchasing, this would in return increase the respect for the brand among its customers therefore increasing its revenues. A straightforward employee in an organisation would provide honest feedback to the management regarding issues within and out of the organisation; the organisations would therefore be able to make sound and informed decisions to implement in order to improve the operations of the organisation. The information that the straightforward employee would have passed would be either positive or negative, in cases of some information being perceived as negative or degrading to the organisation, the employee may be sacked or disciplinary action taken against him Trust as part of the agreeable personality trait is where an individual happens to believe that others always have the best intentions for a certain activity or an individual. Employees who possess this in the work place tend to believe that their colleagues will always do what is best for the organisation. Individuals with this trait in the work place are easy to delegate responsibilities to other employees, which is advantageous to an organisation since it ensures more work is done in a little time. Employees in the management positions who trust in their subordinates to make some of decisions regarding the organisation make these subordinate employees feel appreciated and part of the company therefore they are more motivated to achieve the objectives of the company. An issue that comes up is when that trust is bestowed upon an individual who does not have the best intentions of the company at heart, this is would be handled by creating a framework in which individuals would operate with and with certain set objectives for them to achieve. In addition, trust among the employees of an organisation help to strengthen the interpersonal relationships between the employees making the working environment conducive for performance. Altruism is defined by an individual ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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