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Homelessness - Essay Example

On the hand, there are the homeless that I have had good experiences with in that they barter their services for accommodation. This makes them very industrious and friendly with anyone interested in addressing their plight, as it shows not all homeless people are evil. Personal opinion on homelessness points to two issues as the chiref cause of homelessness, where one cannot help but first point a finger at society for its structures. As such, the breakdown of social structures is to blame for the high rate of homelessness and even homelessness in itself, where social senses of responsibility have been disregarded. It is as a result of this there is no one to look after the needs of the homeless by even offering accommodation except for homeless shelters, but then again, these are not entirely social structures but institutions. On the other hand, there is also the individual part of the issue, where some are just comfortable living off free accommodation of homeless shelters, while others just lack ambition to get an improved life. This way, they do not have credentials to get jobs or even look forward to get jobs of their own. This makes it an individual issue in that homelessness is directly affiliated with personal factors of an individual and his/ her general outlook in life. Institutions in the issue of homelessness have a hand in that it is up to them to curtail the proliferation of homelessness following the inherent nature of the issue in being individualistic, as well as structural.

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However, other researchers believe homelessness is much more complex and difficult to define. For example, Chamberlain and Mackenzie (1992) claim that there is also ‘secondary homelessness’ in which people reside in temporary accommodation such as emergency and refuge facilities.
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Homelessness can be defined as a state of people without any permanent dwellings. The people who live in shelters or warning centers are also called homeless. The homeless people do not have a permanent place to spend their nights or they may have an inadequate space to live safely owing to multiple reasons.
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A homeless person is generally known to be one without a settled or permanent accommodation (Tania 2001). There is also another less observed but equally grave form of homelessness, often referred to as concealed homelessness, among persons housed temporarily by friends or family; living in overcrowded environments; living in night shelters or hostels; living in health-threatening conditions; living in abusive homes; and even those who live in squats and streets.
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is paper briefly analyses the homelessness problem and try to find an answer to the question; Are structural problems responsible for homelessness, or are homeless individuals responsible for their own situation? I have many people staying around me who forced to spend their
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As such, homelessness denotes a condition where people live without a regular dwelling, are unable to acquire and maintain adequate nighttime residence, regular, safe, and adequate
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Similarly, homelessness can have adverse physical, social, emotional and psychological impacts on the victims. This paper seeks to define homelessness, identify its demographic characteristics, and explore the various consequences of the issue on its
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Housing and Urban Development defines homelessness as the state where people live in a place not meant for human habitation. For instance, people live places such as emergency shelters, in transitional housing, or are exiting an
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Housing problems have been a breeding ground for slums and other informal settlements. In the developing countries, the problem is very severe where a good number of city and town dwellers live in shanties. Lack of regular
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The situation at hand can be resolved and undertaken by implementing business model. Maslow theory of hierarchy and needs determination reflects the overall outlook of the given society. The elements understanding such as the security versus insecurity felt as the amount of vagrants increase in the society.
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According to Aboriginal Housing Support Center (2015), a registered nurse should initiate a special and high caring level for them. This involves joining movements for setting up projects and movements for their recognition,
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This is because institutions such as families need to stay close-knit in order to look after their own and ensure that their members are not out on the streets. Consequently, there are other institutions such as charities that look after those that do not have families by establishing homeless shelters such as those started by urban authorities and other religious institutions to address the lack of accommodation for the poor or those that lose their homes due to poor financial decision making. Financial institutions also have a role in the issue of homelessness in that they act as part of why the issue exists through repossession of people’s houses to compensate for loans and poor investments by their clients. This way, social institutions have a key role in homelessness in that some cause, while others attempt to tackle the issues. Different social theories provide different perceptions for homelessness in that their focus lies in different aspects of the society. As a result, the functionalist theory focuses on the concept of an orderly society, where all institutions are functional and efficient (Kendall 368). As such, homelessness is perceived as failure by some institutions to fulfill their part in society such as family in keeping its members protected, and the government in providing adequate housing for its people. Homelessness becomes a social issue created by the people through the social structures they create. The conflict theory, on the other hand, views society as being in a consistent power struggle, thus in this case, homelessness becomes a struggle for the poor in society to establish stability, while the rich seek to keep this away from them. This is because it takes away their power, thus a status quo must remain with the rich being rich and the poor, poor. Other theories such as the symbolic interactionist theory perceives homelessness


Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Homelessness Homelessness in modern society is not a new thing as it existed even in earlier times, but experiences and perceptions of the homeless have changed. As such, persons who are homeless tend to be desperate to find a place to call home, and their state of despair usually leads many astray in relation to crime…
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