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Principles of Sociology - Essay Example

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This essay focuses on some principles of sociology. Namely, the existing difference between prejudice and institutional racism is described. To establish the difference between institutional racism and prejudice, it is vital to first establish what exactly is meant by the two…
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Principles of Sociology
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Download file to see previous pages White privilege or dominance is variously described as being the social rewards, the power to shape the societal norms and values as well as access to various resources that white people generally receive either consciously or unconsciously in a somewhat racist society merely by virtue of their skin color. In the United States, some of the privileges that whites would normally receive by virtue of their skin color included better access to long-term mortgages that helped them buy houses in various suburbs in the country soon after the events of World War II. White privilege determines the assumptions as to which ethnic groups can be considered to be dangerous in addition to affecting how emergency responses are dispatched to various communities. White persons can generally expect to be dealt with in a respectful manner by all strangers that they might chance to encounter and that their presence will generally be looked upon in a favorable manner and that they will be welcome. However, persons of African American, Asian or Indian origins are sometimes treated in an indifferent and suspicious manner by white persons. White persons can at times portray resentful feelings towards the persons of color that cause these persons of color to feel that the white persons are merely tolerating their existence in their midst and would really prefer that the persons of color were not among them. White persons can exhibit some of the more characteristic characters that have commonly been turned into stereotypes. used to label persons of color without facing any criticism, this can be seen by white persons laughing loudly and conducting themselves in a rowdy manner in a restaurant or bar that is full of white persons without the customers at some of the other tables getting offended and complaining or loudly commenting that they are generally uncouth and loud mainly because of their race (Douglas 2010). Why an Affirmative Action Policy for Racial Minorities and Women should be instituted A number of affirmative action programs have been instrumental in aiding in the opening up of various opportunities for both racial minorities and women, this has helped the two take up their rightful place in society. However it should be noted that equal opportunity for the two groups is still generally a long way off and any attempts to try and curtail or eliminate affirmative action ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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