Critical Reflections-What is unique at this historical conjuncture in the United States is that such public expression of hatred - Dissertation Example

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The quote ‘no longer requires concealment but is comfortable in its forthrightness’, can be used in encouraging actions that would have previously not been done publicly…
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Critical Reflections-What is unique at this historical conjuncture in the United States is that such public expression of hatred
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Extract of sample "Critical Reflections-What is unique at this historical conjuncture in the United States is that such public expression of hatred"

The quote ‘no longer requires concealment but is comfortable in its forthrightness’, can be used in encouraging actions that would have previously not been done publicly. In its literal form, it means that the specific act does not anymore require to be done in secret, but it is okay to do it in the face of public eyes, as there is nothing wrong in doing it (Z?iz?ek 74). There are several actions and activities that would have in the past not been done in the public limelight but with the permissiveness and liberalization of the human morals, people are doing them publicly without much fuss about them. For instance in the past, public acts of violence were considered bad behaviour and individuals who acted violently in public were heavily punished (Tewart and Strathern 45). However in the recent past being violence, no longer requires concealment but is comfortable in its forthrightness, which has pushed the authorities to be lenient on individuals who are violent depending on the causative factor of the violence such as an individual who turned violence due to unfaithfulness of his partner was treated leniently. Violence has been in the society for very long time, and some of the old books such as the Christians Bible documents violence to be as old as human beings with one of the first person on earth Cain killing his brother violently as to express discontent that God had accepted his brother’s sacrifice while he had rejected his sacrifice. Jesus who was equal to God according to Christianity also violently chased people out of the temple when he found them trading. In the current world, there is a tendency towards encouraging people towards expressing their beliefs openly, which in other situations would have been considered the private life of the individual. For instance, open declaration of the gay and lesbian communities of their sexual orientation, which has caused conflict on the best way to address such an issue. This has led to the question as to whether gays and lesbians be tolerated to open about their sexual orientation in society, the question is informed by several concerns such as morality and acceptability of the individuals involved in the acts that have been raised on opening out about such acts, which previously had to be done in secret. A major issue that comes with opening up about such activities as homosexuality and violence traits is that it allows permissiveness in a society that causes relativity in morals. This is because what is right for an individual whether wrong to another person or not should be encouraged to that individual to go ahead and participate in it and be open about it and more people are therefore, likely to go public, which may make a general impression that it is something acceptable, and to be taken pride in it and acts that were initially termed as secretive being displayed in public leads to undermining of morality or the rightness or wrongness of that act in the eyes of society. The persistent encouraging of easiness in embracing such acts, in essence means the moral fabric that governed the acceptability of the act will have to mutate and change, according to the levels of acceptability of the act in the society. Physical expression of anger and emotions, may cause a violent state since at any one time, a person feel the urge to express himself physically, he would most probably express it on anything near around him. This would lead to destruction of property and individuals health, this in return would mean higher cost of health care to treat the victims of the violent expressions and more money would be spent in repairing or replacement of property that was destroyed in public expression. Social movements would turn chaotic as the displeasure one feels with a certain issue in the society is publicly expressed. Take for instance where a certain group feels discontented with a certain law that their state government has passed, the phrase encourages being forthright in expressing the discontent which in essence will mean defying the law besides voicing the displeasure verbally (Keane 69). This will lead to protests against the law. Such movements may become stronger and become tools for exploitation to cause chaos when one party feels aggrieved by the decisions of another party. Allowing the for expression of one’s one beliefs and emotions, will lead to a society that is driven by individuals’ ideologies and views towards change as everyone will want the change to be always favorable to him or her. Works cited Keane, John. Violence and Democracy. Cambridge: Cambridge Univ. Press, 2004. Print. Tewart, Pamela J, and Strathern, Andrew. Violence: Theory and Ethnography. London [u.a.: Continuum, 2002. Print. Z?iz?ek, Slavoj. Violence: Six Sideways Reflections. London: Profile, 2009. Print. Read More
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