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Final examination questions - Essay Example

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Sociology Name University Sociology (A1) I know from personal experience that women in Saudi Arabia are almost completely dependent on their husbands or fathers for financial support, and there are families where women are not even given the permission to do a job…
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Final examination questions
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Download file to see previous pages Considering the status of women's health in Saudi Arabia, there are many instances of how it is treated with disregard. Female genital mutilation is common there, child marriages are also common and many a woman has died because of pregnancy and post-pregnancy related problems that could be avoided if they had received prompt medical attention. In contrast, most women in American society are economically independent since they do jobs; they have their own money, and even single mothers or unemployed women receive some money in the form of child support and unemployment benefits, which make them economically more secure as compared to Saudi Arabian women. Primary education is every child's right in America, and public schools provide education for free, and since there are no religious restrictions or even financial issues, there is no problem in sending females to school, so the rates of literacy of women in America is quite high. Lastly, women are treated equally as men when it comes to health. I think religion and lack of education are the most significant reasons why women in Saudi Arabia experience life so differently as compared to American women. (A2) The Nicaraguan revolution in my opinion was not a complete revolution; a revolution involves total overthrow of a tyrant government and replacement of the political system with a new, completely different constituition. The Nicaraguan revolution was unsuccessful because its leaders were still in favor of capitalism; consequently, they did not work to change the capitalist political system that already existed in the country. Similarly, in Russia, the revolution of 1917 was a failure because its leaders were following the Bolshevik idealogy that did not favor the formation of a democratic state that put the masses in power; rather, the Bolsheviks insisted upon an autocratic form of government that called for planned economy and that tried to separate the common men from government. The Mexican Revolution of 1911 on the other hand, had many supporters, but these were from differing economic and social classes, and it was difficult to rally all these diverse people to fight for one cause. The people from the higher economic classes for example, did not see any sense in fighting alongside the peasants from the lower classes who were demanding better wages and financial security. Also, the Mexican Revolution did not change the overall, macrostructure of the government; in most areas, people were just revolting against their local landlords for better pay and control of the farm land. (A3) The Kite Runner explores different problems in the Afghan society, both that of the past and that in the present. Sadly, as time has gone on, these problems seem to have increased. One of the most prevailing social problems portrayed in the movie is that of racism within Afghanistan. The racial minority of Hazara is depicted as the biggest victim of this injustice in the form Ali, Hassan, his wife Farzana and later his son, Sohrab. This is perhaps most painfully exemplified in the form of Hassan who just accepts being raped and even the accusations thrust falsely upon him. The dominant female characters in the Kite Runner, or the lack thereof, are indicative of another great problem in the country which is the oppression of freedom for women and the view that they can be controlled easily. In the Afghan culture, it seems inhumane and forced sexual acts on ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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