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Analysis of Current Procedures in The School of Technology - Case Study Example

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The paper "Analysis of Current Procedures in The School of Technology" states that the new system should have built-in security measures to prevent unauthorized persons from having access to information that is safeguarded, such as user IDs and passwords, user access security levels and the like…
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Analysis of Current Procedures in The School of Technology
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Extract of sample "Analysis of Current Procedures in The School of Technology"

Download file to see previous pages Due to the increasing requests of people involved in the preparation of question papers, the School is considering the computerization of the process to improve the current system by addressing the issues associated with it, while meeting quality assurance requirements in the preparation of question papers.
At the beginning of each semester, the ECU sends the examination paper template (Appendix 2) to all module leaders in the different academic schools of Brookes, who have an examination at the end of the semester. The template is a Word document which has been laid out to comply with the University's approved format for examination papers. Upon completion of examination paper preparation by the different schools, a camera-ready hard copy of the papers along with additional exam materials such as case studies and formula sheets should be submitted to the ECU, either by hand or using the secure pouch system. Fiona Parker is the Academic Programmes Administrator at the School of Technology. She is also the designated exam secretary and holder of the secure pouch system at the School. She prepares the TE01 and TE02 forms (Appendix 3,4,5,6) for modules that have examination and modules that only have coursework as assessment, respectively, for distribution to the module leaders at the beginning of the semester and collected together with the papers or coursework schedules. The forms are word documents which work with an excel spreadsheet in a mail merge operation (Appendix 7) which Fiona Parker needs to complete using a tedious manual process (Appendix 8). Generally, a module is taught by more than one member of the teaching staff and because of this, a question paper for a particular module is prepared by more than one member. It is the responsibility of the module leader to put together all the questions prepared by the individual members of the teaching staff. This process is tedious for the module leader as it involves collecting copies of the questions from individual staff members who currently use different editing tools or different formatting. The module leader has to re-work the formatting of the question papers so that it meets the requirements set by the ECU.
When the module leaders have completed the initial preparation of question papers and solutions for each module they are responsible for, they complete the sections they are responsible for in the TEO1 and TEO2 forms. The document sets are then passed to the internal checkers in the School of Technology.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Analysis of Current Procedures in The School of Technology Case Study.
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