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Global Warming and Climate Change - Essay Example

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Name Instructor Course Date Global Warming and Climate Change Climate change refers to the permanent shifts in the traditional space-time patterns of climate, outside the normal range of natural climate variability regardless of the causes, According to UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change , climate change is likely to have numerous effects in the global environment…
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Global Warming and Climate Change

Download file to see previous pages... There is now clear evidence that there has been a marked change in the composition of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere that currently stands at 390ppm and even higher levels have been recorded at 400ppm at Mauna Loa, Hawaii in May 2013. Increasing average temperatures of the earth and oceans is referred to as global warming, it started at the beginning of the nineteenth century and it might continue for a very long time to come (Hansen 17). At the beginning of the twentieth century, the average temperature of the earth has risen by an average of 0.8°C and it is predicted that it will continue rising. Due to effects associated with climate change and global warming, there will be an average probable increase in the temperature ranging in the region of 1.8°C and 4°C, with a possible temperature rise between 1.1°C and 6.4°C (Black). The sea level is likely to rise by a figure of twenty eight to forty three centimeters and the Arctic sea is likely to disappear towards the second half of the twenty-first century. The world is also likely to experience increased incidences of heat waves, droughts, acidification of the oceans as well as increased intensity of tropical storms (Emanuel 686). The effects of global warming and climate change significant to human beings include incidences of food security problems brought about by decreasing yields and loss of habitats due to inundation or floods. There is also the likelihood of extinction of certain plant and animal species due to the loss of their habitats occasioned by the shifts in temperature regimes. Large-scale impacts of climate change can also be experienced in the natural and social systems in the society. For example, due to effects associated with global warming and climate change, there has been a marked acidification of oceans due to the increased atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide and the melting of ice that ultimately leads to the rise in the level of the seas and the oceans. These changes occasioned by global warming could occur abruptly and may be difficult to reverse such as the release of methane from permafrost that increases the temperatures in the atmosphere. The effects of global warming, considering its impact on human health, infrastructure, human health, agriculture, also directly affect human beings and water resources are profound. There are harmful effects such as drought, reduced river flows due to loss of catchment areas, extinction of certain animal species, and decrease in the availability of food globally. In addition, there is disappearance of coastlines and coastal wetlands and increase in storm severity accompanied by flooding, in turn, there is increased spread of infectious diseases, and problems associated with the environment such as heat stress will also increase and so will the cases of malnutrition globally. All these additional strain on the society leads to conflict, the rise in cases of infectious diseases will be witnessed worldwide as has been the history whenever there are warmer temperatures. It can be remembered, that there was an outbreak of the West Nile Virus in the winter of 1999 due to unexpected warmer temperatures in New York. The Hantavirus which is spread by rodents might become an issue of concern due to the alternating drought and floods which create very favorable conditions for this virus to thrive (Hjelle and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How climate change/global warming affect the polar bear and its surrounding. And future predictions
Increased industrial activity and larger consumption of resources has led to a massive increase in gases like carbon dioxide which when released into the atmosphere results in Global Warming. One of the major effects of such is that the planet is going through an intense climatic change.
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How climate change/global warming affect the reindeer and its surrounding community e.g tundra. And future predictions
As a result of this climate change, the food harvest has been hit drastically reducing the available food for the reindeer and its community. Adding to this the rapid industry growth has also lessened the available grazing land for the animals (Colman 2009).
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Climate Change and Three Strategies that Countries Are Using to Help the Prevention of Global Warming
Climate change has been one of the most troublesome processes engulfing the world at this very point in time. Not only the terrestrial environment, climate change also affects the ocean circulation, atmospheric concentration of greenhouses gases and other innumerable factors around the earth.
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Global Warming: RECENT international movements to address climate change
Unlike before, the worlds have come more realization that climate change is a threat to humans in many facets of life (Haggas 13). Just to illustrate, global warming—a result of increased global temperatures- has created a lot of interest in how nations can adapt to the environment and led to the reduction in the levels of climate changes that are currently being experienced in the world.
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Global Warming/Climate Change
This essay will explain sun and its impact to world’s global warming. The Sun The sun is the core of our solar system. It’s considered as the biggest star in our galaxy with 1,390,000 km. in diameter and a mass of 1.989e30 kg. (Nineplanets.org, 2012).
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Climate Change, Global Warming, Renewable and Nuclear Energy
Currently, vast research suggests that global warming is ever increasing due to the high concentration of green house gases within the atmosphere. The green house effect is experienced widely.
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In all seriousness, what do you think is going to happen with regard to global warming and climate change Are we going to make it if so or not, why
The increasing temperatures can devastate the human lives and the ecosystem. Therefore, it should be noted that we are responsible for such a change. As one human family, we must diminish global
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Of all the data about global warming and climate change that you have encountered, what concerns you the most
In addition, the extreme weather conditions such as drought and prevalence of severe storms such as hurricanes and cyclones. Furthermore, global Warming and climate change effects lead to Massive crop failures caused by violent swings between
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Global Warming & Climate Change
Notably, it is true that global warming is threatening the world and its leaders. However, global warming cannot only attribute to the increased emission into the atmosphere. In fact, even if human beings stop emitting greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, global warming will still be a threat since the ozone is already depleted .
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The Problem Of Climate Change: Global Warming
Throughout history, records of climate show significant statistical variations which call for swift action. The near-surface atmospheric temperature keeps on rising. Other cases show how high temperatures divert into the oceans by causing ocean warming, an increase in excessive energy, in form of high temperature, melts ice in Arctic and Antarctic region.
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