Should People Become Vegetarian - Assignment Example

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The intention of this study is vegetarianism as one of the controversial issues that have sparked public interest. Proponents argue that vegetarianism is imperative to human beings because it helps in protecting the environment and reducing ailments such as obesity and heart attacks…
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Should People Become Vegetarian
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Download file to see previous pages Critics contend that consumption of meat is humane and healthy and the production of vegetables could equally cause similar environmental problems caused by the production of meat. They also argue that non-vegetarianism is a step backward and human beings have eaten and enjoyed meat for more than 2.3 million years; hence, if it was as immoral as perceived by the vegetarians, people would not be eating it (Joyce 1). Therefore, this discourse argues for non-vegetarianism, arguing that people should not become vegetarians. On the same note, reasons given by proponents of vegetarianism will be counteracted by opposing arguments. Discussion It is the disputation of this article that people should not become vegetarians because of the numerous benefits that come with the consumption of meat. ‘Satisfying as vegetarian bacon’ and ‘I will make you as happy as a hot dog at a vegetarian barbecue’ are common phrases used, which are rather contradictory, considering that vegetarians do not eat bacon or hot dogs. In that case, it is obvious that most people agree that eating meat is satisfying and should be permitted. Proponents of vegetarianism argue that the notion that the Americans need meat in order to get nutrition is a mere lie and nothing can justify the reason why animals should be slaughtered. However, this is the unsound and reckless argument that should not be taken into consideration. Researchers argue that meat is good for one’s eyes, hair, and skin. In that case, the non-vegetarians are at an advantage because by consuming meat, they get iron, potassium, selenium, and zinc, which are all essential in ensuring health. On the other hand, most of the vegetarians end up having skin rashes, pale skin, suffering from insomnia, and have a prolonged healing period because their immune system is weak. On the same note, vegetarians lack vitamin B, which is essential in enhancing the functioning of the liver as well as the nervous system. For that reason, vegetarianism is not a good option as it affects people’s health negatively because of the lack of essential nutrients. It is also to be found out that most of the food that vegetarians consume is not easily accessible in most nations, such as Bangkok; hence, this is a major concern for people who might opt to go the vegetarian way (Jamieson 13). Moreover, proponents argue that animals slaughtered are sentient beings that have both social and emotional connections. They go ahead to assert that pigs, cattle, and chickens experience pain, fear, and stress; therefore, should not be killed to satisfy one’s superfluous dietary preference. Though this point is rational to some extent, it is rather biased as it is one-sided. This is because vegetarians often elevate the value of the animal over the life of a plant. However, research reveals that plants also respond electrochemically to external threats and might also feel fear. In that case, if people were to argue on the basis of the sanctity of life, vegetarians are equally immoral as they cause harm every time they destroy or kill a plant for consumption purposes. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Should People Become Vegetarian Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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