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Vegetarian is healthy - Research Paper Example

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Author Tutor Course Date Vegetarian is healthy Introduction A vegetarian refers to a person who has a preference for foods from plants such as fruits, grains, nuts, and vegetables; vegetarians do not eat meat. In some cases, vegetarians may be so strict to the extent that they avoid products of animals, which may be nonmeat foods coming from animals…
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Vegetarian is healthy
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"Vegetarian is healthy"

Download file to see previous pages What are the advantages of becoming a vegetarian? What are the health risks associated with being a vegetarian? An Overview of a Vegetarian lifestyle In the world of today, the diet of vegetarians has become common all over the world, with a number of people throughout the world preferring to become vegetarians. Most people are of the argument that embracing a vegetarian diet can be regarded as essential for a healthy life. Organizations that agitate for the rights of animals discourage people from eating meat, chicken or fish. The diet of vegetarians mainly contains fruits, vegetables, as well as whole grains. Vegetarians argue that what they take can be considered as the best combination of a healthy diet. However, there are counter arguments that seem to discredit vegetarian meals, arguing that these meals are not complete. It has been argued that, despite the nutritional benefits of a vegetarian diet, the meals taken by vegetarians cannot fulfill all the body’s nutritional requirements (Maurer 1-10). Categories of Vegetarians There are various categories of vegetarians, which include semi-vegetarian, lacto-vegetarian, pesci-vegetarian, and ovo-vegetarian. A semi-vegetarian refers to a vegetarian who eats meat, but only meat from chicken and fish. A lacto-vegetarian encompasses a vegetarian who may eat dairy products; however, he or she does not eat eggs. Most of these vegetarians are found in the Hindu religion who takes dairy products, but for religious reasons avoid eggs; a pesci-vegetarian eats fish only. The category of ovo-vegetarians includes people who eat eggs but tend to avoid dairy products, as well as meat (Brown 1-144). Body Arguments for being Vegetarians There are several benefits that accrue when a person becomes a vegetarian as compared to a person who eats meat, poultry, and fish. These benefits consist of the advantages of becoming a vegetarian. One of the arguments that support a vegetarian lifestyle emanates from the fact that a vegetarian diet is rich in fiber, Vitamin C and folate. The diet of vegetarians includes nuts, grains, seeds, fruits, cereals, vegetables and beans. Components such as fruits and vegetables provide minerals and vitamins that play an essential role for enhancing a healthy body. Seeds and beans act as reliable sources of proteins. Vegetables have phytochemicals, which play an essential role in preventing a person from contracting some chronic illnesses. Moreover, green leafy vegetables can be regarded as a credible source of antioxidants. Beneficial enzymes, natural sugars, as well as trace elements, can be derived from fruits and vegetables that vegetarians eat (Brown 1-144). Another benefit that a person can derive when he, or she is a vegetarian is that they take few chemicals by engaging in a vegetarian lifestyle. Those people who take animal products eat as much as the chemicals that the animals eat. Every bite of either pork hotdog or beef contains several pesticides that cause cancer. Beef and dairy products are also known to be the primary source of contamination that results from nuclear radiation. Animal fat contains industrial pollutants, pesticides, and sex hormones that have effects of estrogen and can cause breast cancer. Vegetarians are free from these contaminants that can accumulate in human fat and reach higher levels than food, thus causing breast cancer. Thus, a vegetarian life ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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