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Sociological Discussion: Internalized Racism Your Name Due Date Introduction The United States is probably the most diversified country in the world, in fact, it was built on diversity. However despite the welcoming words engraved at the Statue of Liberty, the huddled masses of immigrants that have and still today come to this country find the experience here, sometimes, less then warming…
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Download file to see previous pages Not only dies racism still exist in any number of ways it is a particular type of racism that is worthy of continued consideration and discussion. Internalized racism, essentially, is a negative by-product of racism, causing members of a racial group to hate their own race and, even, themselves; all in hopes of acceptance from another, likely, dominant race (Pyke 563). Internalized racism is very real and damaging to an individual’s identities, therefore damaging to society as a whole. History In the United States we have come a long way from the cruelty of slavery and the years of segregation. We have seen measures taken to secure equality among all citizens in the country. We have seen the election of the first African American President, regardless of whether you agree with his politics or share his political party, it says a great deal from a racial perspective of how far we have come. But, this does not negate the element of racism that does still exist today and guarantees there is still a great deal of work to be done. Despite what many people may think racism is not another term for “white” people, nor did “white” people create racism. Racism very likely has existed since the beginning of civilization; it exists when any one race, those with similar physical features, genetic similarity, and ethnic markers who share ideologies, traditions, an culture hold dominance and is, believed, to be superior over another or others (Schaefer 7). This can happen under any diversified conditions. Internalized racism, however, is a phenomenon that many people may not be familiar with and they may not even realize that they are personally suffering from its effects. Discussion Internalized racism appears in several different ways. In some cases we see it in the way a racial group will verbally attack other members of the same racial group, claiming that the others are “race traitors;” accusing them of being “sell outs” to the dominant race. This is seen quite often among African Americans. When African Americans live in affluent suburbs, work “suit and tie” careers, and achieve higher education degrees they are called “Uncle Tom’s “ and “white-washed” (Nittle). The individuals who are so critical likely suffer from embracing the negative stereotypes they have been assigned. African Americans are supposed to live in the “hood” because that is where they belong. Anyone who of this racial group who tries to live differently are stepping out of their appropriate place. Many of these now “white-washed” individuals disagree. African Americans who achieve success beyond the “hood” believe that their race is not limited by those stereotypes. However, that is not always the case. There are instances when the individuals who receive the criticism from there racial group do, under certain circumstances, suffer from internalized racism. Sometimes these individuals will completely assimilate an abandon any connection and association with their racial group, indentifying instead with the dominant racial group. This occurs, so experts say, because those individuals have, also, accepted that negative social stereotypes are true and therefore opt to separate themselves ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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