How useful is Symbolic Interactionism as a Sociological perspective in helping to understand the nature of youth conflict occurr - Essay Example

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Symbolic interactionalism Symbolic interactionalism is a sociological theory that is based on the interactions of human beings as creative actors and their roles (Booth et al 2010). It suggests that a person is both active and creative (Blumer 1969)…
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How useful is Symbolic Interactionism as a Sociological perspective in helping to understand the nature of youth conflict occurr
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"How useful is Symbolic Interactionism as a Sociological perspective in helping to understand the nature of youth conflict occurr"

Download file to see previous pages However, the shared meaning is fragile and inconstant demand of reaffirmation. Reality is constantly negotiated through social processes between the individual and the social world. Symbolic interactionalism is a leading sociological perspective. It is known to have a long history which is intellectual (Winston et al 2004). The concept was begun by Max Weber and George Mead who were German and American philosophers respectively (Petley & Richardson 2011). They emphasized that human behavior is subjective. They also asserted that pragramatism and social process are subjective. The concept of symbolic interactionalism focuses on the aspects of social life that are subjective (Fitzgerald et al 2006). This means that focus on the image of individuals rather than on the society (Booth et al 2010). Human beings are perceived to be programmatic and continue to adjust to accommodate other actors. This happens through a process of interpretation. The interpretation offers the symbolic denotation (Yoder 2011). The human actors are also seen to be symbolic objects. The process of adjusting actions is aided by the ability to develop several lines of actions before initiating an action (Hopkins & Gale 2009). It also involves developing imaginative rehearsal that lead to the alternatives. Human beings have the ability to think about their actions (Yablonsky 2000). They also have the ability to react to their own actions (Fitzgerald et al 2006). This justifies the concept that human beings are both creative and active in the process of constructing the social world (Petley & Richardson 2011). Human beings are not object of conformation to socialization (Kauffman & Landrum 2009). The society consists of organized patterns of interaction (McWilliams et al 2004). The theory of symbolic interactionalism takes keen note of the physical face-to-face international between individuals (Booth et al 2010). The society also consists of the macro-level relationships which are structural in nature (Hopkins & Gale 2009). These relationships involve institutions in the society (Fitzgerald et al 2006). However, symbolic interactionalism does not focus of the structured interactions in the social institutions. The concept also focuses on the changeable norms that are being adopted through social processes (Fitzgerald et al 2006). The interactionists believe that negotiation is responsible for temporary relations who are socially constructed (Clark et al 2001). These relations are in contact flux although they have relative stability based on the fundamental framework that governs those (Fitzgerald et al 2006). It is imperative to know the role people play when it comes to negotiated reality, symbols and social construction (Flanagan et al 2002). A social theorist-Erving Goffman argues that role taking is the driving force behind symbolic interactionism the concept of taking roles allows individuals to view others perspectives (Hopkins & Gale 2009). It gives a chance to view that individual behavior might mean to others within the society (Booth et al 2010). The sociologist assumes the example of a theatre where human behavior appears to be well scripted (Fitzgerald et al 2006). The theory suggests that roles can be improvised through better scripting and use of experts (Cook et al 2001). The concept of symbolic interactionalism also involves role-making (Clark et al 2001). This is the process of ensuring that action is guided through well spelt roles and duties (Villarruel & Luster ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Symbolic Interactionism
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