The relationship between children's social class origins and educational attainment - Essay Example

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Name of student: Topic: Lecturer: Date of Presentation: Family life plays an essential role in the life of every child. However, the mechanisms by which parents pass on these benefits are not well understood. There is a big effect of social class on the interactions inside the homes; as realized by the ethnographic data set of Black children and White children approximately 10 years ago…
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The relationship between childrens social class origins and educational attainment
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Download file to see previous pages these parents also provide the conditions under which their children will grow and engage in accomplishment of their children’s natural growth. The working parents usually prefer to use directive means rather than reasoning (Annette, 2002). Out of their parent’s life, the middle-class black and white children gain an emerging sense of entitlement. The race of these children has little effect than their social class. The interaction between these children and their parents with professionals and other adults outside their homes is as a result of differences in cultural logic of childrearing process. These middle-class children have a cumulative advantage but, on the other hand, they have ended-up gaining individual insignificance. However, the same senses of entitlement to these benefits are not visible with the working class and poor children. Therefore, it is clear that there have been some exemptions from some of the areas of family life from these effects of social class. A majority of researchers has argued constantly that the lower class families are failing to ensure that their children have a successful education. Others have taken another view in that the education system has been failing children from low class families. However, the main issue that affects the education process of these children is the social class. What is the relationship between social class origins and educational attainment? What are the three most significant mechanisms that link children’s social class origin to their educational attainments, and how are the three mechanisms interrelated? Social class is always assumed to be the reason behind educational attainment of children due to advantages and disadvantages it brings with it at every stage of the educational process. However, debates about whether it is the education system that fails children or it is their families who fail to inculcate proper values leading to educational achievements have been going on with adherent supporters on each side. So the question that begs answers is whether the class origin affects the education attainment of children bearing in mind the changing family forms over the years. There is a very large canyon between theory, in addition to the application which, contributes to distortions on social mobility and stratification thereby research findings. This leads to incorrect conclusions about the relation between class origin and mobility or social fluidity so require to be scrutinized to enable one to see a true understanding of the situation. Most research findings are based on the traditional families where man is the breadwinner. These researches tend to ignores the role played by women in the economy and the changing nature of the family. Over the former decades, there has been a remarkable increase in sociology knowledge about inequality in family lives. Numerous debates have emerged concerning the transmission of sociological benefits to children. A majority of people looks at these meaningful patterns to have come across as a result of disparate aspects of family life. According to previous researches, behaviors in children are as a result of parenting styles, which affect class in a significant way. Realization of these emerging problems is as a result of the studies conducted recently these studies are narrowly ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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