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'Multiculturalism has had corrosive effects on society.' Discuss, referring to examples from different parts of the world - Essay Example

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Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date: Definition Multiculturalism can be defined as the study of understanding people’s behaviours, interaction, culture, race and politics with different ways of doing things. It goes beyond explaining how people of different cultures came to exist in many countries all over the world and how people of diverse surroundings encounter one another…
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Multiculturalism has had corrosive effects on society. Discuss, referring to examples from different parts of the world
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Extract of sample "'Multiculturalism has had corrosive effects on society.' Discuss, referring to examples from different parts of the world"

Download file to see previous pages But, immigrants faced the worse change where non-citizens, even the lawful permanent residents were deprived of food stamps and security. Also, medical services and welfare were not supplied to them since they are not United State’s people (Bloemraad, 2006). In the 19th centaury, countries like Germany united its people and now migrants are part of the nation. France is known as a combination of people from different regions. Italy is a mixture of communities that has never homogenized. Scottish, Catalan, Basque and Corsicans are the group of people living in Europe as a result of the end of the identical nation. Though regional tribes trustingly seen as ordinary unified units, the minorities are excluded, disregarded and oppressed by the dominant majority. Frequent internal conflict is the main oppressive way used by the majority group to punish the marginalized communities (Parekh, Bikhu, 2006). Mostly, in Europeans countries, the children of the settlers and especially those from poor countries face great problems in their host nations when it comes to labour market. This shows that the rate of unemployment is high to children’s of immigrants as compared to the children of the citizen by birth. ...
In contrast, the children of the immigrants position in the labour market is at least equal with that of the children born in their native land in the united states, Switzerland, Canada and New Zealand. In Netherlands, the rate of unemployment to the immigrants was higher compared to that in the United Kingdom. The minorities in Netherlands were discriminated as they could not get a placement in organizations, job motivation in term of promotion, higher salaries and they were working in frail parts of economy (Barry, 2001). This is due to the negative ethnic observation the employers have to immigrants and they were not willing to offer them jobs. Implementation of policies in the efforts to eliminate ethnic differences between immigrants and the natives in the country but they did not work since they were short-term and unfulfilled. In Britain, the black families have less access to authority and all other resources including education and health facilities compared to the middle and the high class families. Multiracial urban education in Britain was introduced with a false impression of educating the black children in the city. This was in the aim of cooling down the immigrants and impressing them that they are helping, while in the real sense such education was not making sense (Hewitt, 2005). Immigration and political movements are the main causes of multiculturalism where the blacks moved to the white countries. During this time, migrants (whites) were accepted as co-citizens and assimilation was accepted until when policies relating to migration extended to include non-whites, who were different in their cultures compared to their predecessor ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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'Multiculturalism Has Had Corrosive Effects on society.' Discuss, Essay.
“'Multiculturalism Has Had Corrosive Effects on society.' Discuss, Essay”, n.d.
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Multiculturalism has had corrosive effects on society.' Discuss, referring to examples from different parts of the world

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