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Malaysian Election - Essay Example

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Name Professor Sociology 28 May 2013 A Comparative Study on the Impact of New Media on its Readers: A Malaysian Election Case Malaysia had been a subject of various social studies in the past two decades particularly on politics and development planning. Among the notable perceptions that scholars have on the country has been based first, on its political survival and second, on improvement in the country’s development planning process (Shamsul 1)…
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Malaysian Election
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Download file to see previous pages The Malaysian general elections held last May 5, 2013 resulted to the continuation of the 56-year rule of the Barisan National (National Front Coalition). It won 133 seats in the parliament surpassing the 112 seats are required to acquire federal power. The victory was a result of a tight battle between the ruling coalition and the opposition. Several voters and political leaders were consulted on their perceptions on the results of the elections and the answers vary depending on what political group they had supported. The rural voters of the country, as provided for by the evidences in the articles, opted for continuity of the incumbent government leaders while those in the middle class and educated sector chose reforms as presented by the opposition. The ruling coalitions were happy of the results of the election while the opposition was claiming electoral fraud. Some analysts interviewed by the various papers indicated that the results of the election may be economically beneficial to the country, while some generally thought it would be an eye opening event for the ruling coalition to get their act together and focus on the more important issues and challenges the government and the country is facing. The election also boost of its high voter turnout that is 80%, highest among all the elections held in the country with 10 M voters out of 13.3 M registered (Roughneen & Magnier, “Malaysia GE13”, Ford, and “Ruling Coaliton”). Review of the four articles showed the similarities and differences each have. The comparison was based on emphasis, patterns and ways in which issues is being presented in the articles. It also showed how the news articles of today had become historiography of the future. To fully understand and show the differences of the articles, in depth analysis of the articles are needed and not just superficial reading. On the similarities, all the four articles had presented the election outcome statistics with the National Front garnering 133 seats out of the 222 allotted for the lower house in the parliament, the continuity of the 56-year rule of the incumbent government, and the 80% voter turnout accounting for the 10 Million out of 13.3 Million registered voters. It was also evident in all the articles the claim of the opposition on electoral fraud and the dismissal of the incumbent government on these claims despite the fact that the opposition presented several evidences. Also the articles used recent and historical facts to build the credibility of their written materials .In depth analysis of each article is needed in order to determine the inherent and implied differences. The china daily article entitled, “Ruling coalition wins Malaysia's general election”, emphasized the winning of the ruling coalition during the elections. The article was built in such a way that the winning party and their stand in the post electoral issues became the focus of the whole article. The small portion of the opposition’s claims on electoral fraud indicated that they are subtly dismissing the claim but needed to present it in the light of transparency and non- bias. The actions of the writer to put the claims of the opposition in the bottom part of the article and with very limited ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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