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Socialisation and health perception - Essay Example

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This essay is about the socialization and health perception. Viewed from a broader perspective, socialization refers to thoughts and behaviors of an individual as responses from one’s personal domain. It deals with activities of an individual within a social group…
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Socialisation and health perception
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Download file to see previous pages 71). Socialization or development of social values involves several stages or habits in life. It has been observed that habits related to diet, physical activities, alcohol and smoking habits the ones which has most influence over social behavior of individuals. Choices, another key factor depends on structure and demographic aspects of a family in relation to comparative strengths within a family and level of interaction. Socialization, especially family socialization is highly influential when it comes to health awareness and subsequent responsibilities. Responsibilities for health and norms of individual welfare are mostly inculcated at childhood by schools and families (Friedman 2011, p. 505). Evaluation: theories of socialization: From time to time, several theories have been propounded. Some of these theories are- Vygotsky’s theory of Social Development: This theory about socialization was developed during Russian Revolution and is equally valid and effective in present times. According to Vygotsky, higher mental process of a child is directly proportional to its interaction with social environment, provided the mediating agents, namely organized learning activities or individuals, are present. Mediation involves reciprocal teaching process. Thus, formal education was more stressed upon (Kozulin 2003, p. 15-17). However, in this theory, Vygotsky has laid equal emphasis on Zone of Proximal development (ZDP). In his opinion cognitive functions of a child are linked with ZPD, which is the basis of all dynamic assessments. This concept holds the view that ‘space’ or independence provided to a child helps in developing his psychological functions, more pertinently in contact of shared activities or...
The paper outlines that socialization, especially family socialization, is highly influential when it comes to health awareness and subsequent responsibilities. Responsibilities for health and norms of individual welfare are mostly inculcated at childhood by schools and families. Socialization is an inseparable part of society. It is more of a duty or responsibility that every individual has to follow. Different life stages of socialization determine an individual’s traits or characteristics. It is by dint of these features that attribute of one individual differs from the other. Socialization pattern depends on certain variables such as diet, physical activities, drugs, alcohol, smoking, lifestyle, sleeping patterns etc. These shape up an individual as a social person within a social group by adjusting levels of tolerance, patience, brotherhood, friendship, honesty, integrity, and love for peace and harmony. In this respect, socialization theories of Vygotsky, Piaget, Burner and Kolhberg are discussed. All these theories stress on individual’s learning process as the basic of socialization and insist that children must be guided properly during their growth period. At the same time, they must be allowed enough freedom so that they could learn social behavior and their respective roles within society. The theories also claim that, it would not only make a child confident about its own self but would also help in development of his psychological functions. Part of socialization is interpersonal interaction, which is, in turn closely related to attachment. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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