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Conflict between Muslims and Christians in Lebanon - Essay Example

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Conflict between Muslims and Christians in Lebanon Name: Tutor: Course: Institution: Date: Table of Contents Introduction Background of Christians and Muslims in Lebanon Relationship Conflicts between Christians and Muslims Conclusion References Conflict between Muslims and Christians in Lebanon 1…
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Conflict between Muslims and Christians in Lebanon
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Conflict between Muslims and Christians in Lebanon

Download file to see previous pages... On the other hand, there were different sects of Islam and Christianity and even some Jews. Nonetheless, both Christians and Islam were engaged in a quest to gain significant control over Lebanon, though this proofed to be impossible. Moreover, there was a significant involvement of sects based these religions more than completing regions. Due to a desire by Christians and Islam to control the country of Lebanon, this led to a need for them to form allies from different sects among other religions. This paper will focuses on analyzing the ideas regarding conflicts between Christians and Muslims in Lebanon. 2. Background of Christians and Muslims in Lebanon Relationship Christians and Muslims in Lebanon had established two forms of relationships, whereby the first one was unstable, while others had a relationship attributed to extreme dislike. On the other hand, the second form of relationship was attributed a mutual beneficial arrangement, whereby different sects from various religions acquired power to make significant alteration in their systems. Examples of sects in the Christianity included Catholic, Greek Orthodox and Maronite, while sects in Muslim included Alawi, Sunni, Druze and Shiite. In fact, there were political partied forms by an integration of these religion based on all these sects. However, these relationships had exceptions to every rule and this led to conflicts between religious homes though there were disparities regarding rituals. In the present days, this relationship has been attributed to political conflicts in Lebanon, whereby sects in these religions contribute to this aggravation of conflicts in the society. The populations of these religions have changed significantly leading to understanding that they can live together in harmony regardless of their religious differences. Conflicts between Muslims and Christians were attributed to the Lebanese Forces (LF) that involved an armed wing of Phalangist Party (Maronite). In fact, this armed wing was formed during 1970 by the Muslims under the leadership of Bashir Gemayel. Furthermore, this armed wing made a significant contribution towards establishment of the civil war during the period 1975-76 (The Gazette, 2007, 1). Conflict resulted in 1982, due to the effort made by both Islamic and Christian political actors who sought to control the Lebanese forces after death of Bashir Gemayel. In this case, this competition existed between three men from different religious affiliation, and these men included Elie Hobeika, Fouad Abou Nader and Samir Geagea (Voll, 2013, 1). For instance, conflicts between Hobeika and Geagea commenced in 1985 with an aim to control the Lebanese forces. Later, Geagea succeeded by taking control of LF from Fouad Abou Nader, who was a leader of Phalangist militia (The Gazette, 2007, 1). However, Hobeika managed to acquire a post to lead a unit in May 1985 and later in December the same year; he was assigned a role to sing a peace accord with Syrian government, which were Muslims Druze. In this case, this peace accord entailed an agreement in form of a provision for demobilization of Lebanese militia forces. Besides, there were other reforms aimed at abolishing domination of Christianity in various Lebanese institutions. In 1980, there were numerous cases of conflicts involving Lebanese militia forces; for instance, in March 1989 there were conflicts involving Maj-General Aoun was a Christian leader in Lebanese Army (Magister, 2013, 1). In fact, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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