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Evaluate how far leraning opportunities in the UK can contribute to building strong communities - Essay Example

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An evaluation of lifelong learning opportunities in UK in building strong communities: Case of Black Ethnic Minorities The age we live in, has become a stupendous complex of ethnic diversity especially in upper equatorial region of the world. This fact has roots in striding developments and galloping improvements in approximately every walk of life…
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Evaluate how far leraning opportunities in the UK can contribute to building strong communities
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Extract of sample "Evaluate how far leraning opportunities in the UK can contribute to building strong communities"

Download file to see previous pages Thus today a major demographic change can be seen, and it is changing every moment. To comprehend the ultimate impact of this change, one has to view retrospectively the ethnic composition that has been there. The natives of UK are profoundly acclimatized to the dynamics of their society. Societies, today, are influenced in their disposition by many factors. Society by its very definition speaks of its composition and their general and characteristic disposition. It is this understanding that helps in reconciling such groups into a consolidated national edifice. This paper is accentuates Black Ethnic Minorities (BEM) in UK and explores opportunities, available to them, through lifelong learning in making strong communities. To understand the topic, a compositional analysis of BEM in UK is needed. In sequel to this, understanding of lifelong learning opportunities, available to them, is to be made. This understanding will, in turn, help in evaluating how these lifelong opportunities are contributing in building strong communities in UK. Rather being specific, a generalized view of the community problems that are being report will be discussed. Characteristics of learning programs and especially lifelong learning programs and initiatives will be viewed. ...
First issue is the involvement of local people of an area and promoting social inclusion. This factor, in the case of BEM, lags behind the aboriginals due to natural tendencies. It is actually the main factor in building up of social cohesion, as awareness and lifelong learning go hand in hand. This cohesion in its true spirit can help in building a strong community that is permissive and pluralistic. The learning opportunities that are being provided in UK are now considered to be attached to many strings. A lenient learning and lifelong learning aid to these BEMs can bridge this divide ( Second factor is the promotion of citizen empowerment and establishing a strong democracy. As social scientists predicted that democratic processes will become more like other biogenic needs of any locale, the BEMs cannot be ignored once they get integrated in the complex of our multiethnic environment. BEMs that are still vying to comprehend the environment of UK, need establishing of community learning organizations. This is the way that can provide for a more consolidated community where the need of democratic locale shall be fulfilled. Third factor is the stimulation or sensitizing a locale with the responsibility of neighbourliness. It is during this epoch that the sense of community has been lost and intermingling has been retarded due to many factors like divides between ethnicities. The ostracizing of ethnic minorities has been all because of low level of stimulation and sensitivity of the aboriginals in their locale. This in turn helps in giving air to group factor. A strong community has to be interdependent not only in economic domain but also in the cultural and social ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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