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Analysis of Male Prostitution - Research Paper Example

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This essay focuses on male prostitution which around for long, but because of the stereotypical gender roles assigned to each gender, male prostitutes do not receive the recognition they deserve. Without the internet, male prostitution would not be in existence and given the difficulties of work…
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Analysis of Male Prostitution
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Download file to see previous pages In this case, they are referred to as gay-for-pay as they only do this for the money and not the pleasure. Over the years, the sex industry hasn’t been very accommodative for male prostitution, and therefore, male prostitutes are faced with difficulties trying to make it in the industry (Cheng et al. 43). Despite being a billion-dollar industry, men still have difficulties in getting clients and earning enough cash to sustain themselves. Unlike women, male prostitutes are oppressed by stereotypes that prevent them from succeeding in the sex industry. Taboos That Prohibit Male Prostitution in Society Male prostitution is considered to more of an immoral act compared to female prostitution. This is because it is exemplified by three main taboos. To begin with, homosexuality has always been stigmatized in society with people perceiving the act as morally wrong. Secondly, giving in to sex for money or other favor has never been accepted for either men or female, and thirdly, men are seen as the stronger gender and should not be victims of sexual abuse and for this, most of them are reluctant to seek medical help whenever they are molested (Deisher et al. 938). It is for these reasons that people refuse to raise awareness of male prostitution; instead, they ignore the subject. ...
America is known for its tendency to embrace diverse cultures making them part of what America stands for. For that reason, people have come to tolerate homosexuality and male prostitution. However, there is still a part in the society that hasn’t accepted this, making it hard for the male prostitute to break into the sex industry. With the growth seen in the sex industry, male prostitution is now advertised to almost every avenue as that of female prostitution. This is not just about the intersection of sexuality in the American culture, but also the equalizing of gender domination in the industry. Mostly, male prostitutes usually serve more male clients than female ones, and for this, their demand is inherently limited compared to that of women sex workers. This is usually because most women are not socially powerful enough to seek these services, and also because of the fact that the highest population of homosexuals are not exclusively gay. For this, their clients are economically and socially powerful women, bisexuals and the homosexual who are bold enough to pay for sexual services (Weitzer 24). Places To Seek Sexual Services Bars, brothels, clubs, and some specified areas in the streets of most cities are among the various places that male prostitution services are offered. It is at these places that male prostitutes can be found, and are available for sexual services (Weitzer 62). Moreover, there are those that advertise their service on the internet through the website, blogs, chat rooms, and facebook/twitter pages. Over the past few years, the internet has significantly contributed to the growth of the sex industry as sexual contents are now availed to everyone with the access to a computer and an internet connection, all over the world. Emails, telephone/mobile calls, and conversations on dating sites are also others means used to get hold of individuals offering these services (Luckenbill 150).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Analysis of Male Prostitution Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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