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SOCIOLOGICAL: How can a worker use sociological theory to help promote the well-being of a specific person from the case studie - Essay Example

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Case Study: Sociological Theory to Promote Well-Being Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Introduction Different sociological theories discuss the way in which humans interact and how they gain a sense of personal image and self. While some of these theories may differ in terms of explaining human behaviour, they all seem to point to one important factor that humans achieve a sense of self from other people around them…
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SOCIOLOGICAL: How can a worker use sociological theory to help promote the well-being of a specific person from the case studie
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Extract of sample "SOCIOLOGICAL: How can a worker use sociological theory to help promote the well-being of a specific person from the case studie"

Download file to see previous pages These theories are particularly valuable especially in taking care of people with disorders or with illnesses. While taking care of people suffering from a serious disease, it is necessary to understand that while it may not be possible to deliver the health of these individuals, it may be necessary to offer them well being. Wellbeing can be achieved even in the absence of health (Alan, 2005). However, for this wellbeing to be achieved, it is of concern to help the unhealthy individual to have a better sense of their selves and to have a better way to understand that they are loved. For such sick persons, they are much more sensitive, and this can harm their well being. In this case study for instance, the persons are two adults who have been taking care of themselves and find themselves in a cases in which they have to look up on another person to be survive. Alzheimer’s disease can be highly dangerous in affecting a person’s wellbeing in that a number of ways; It takes away the person ability to take care of their selves Alzheimer’s disease takes the person’s ability to take care of their selves because they become physically incapable as well as having an impaired memory. Because of these two factors, a person suffering from Alzheimer’s disease can have a bigger burden of emotion in terms of how they relate with other people (Lu and Bladau, 2011). This may explain why Betty is getting easily irritated. Alzheimer’s disease affects memory which is part of a person’s personality The personality and character of a person is made of their memory, and it is important in order to be able to retain these memories. Unfortunately, Alzheimer’s disease impairs the memory, and this affects the way that person perceives family life (Lu and Bladau, 2011). When memory is lost, it becomes harder for the person to share the good past memories they have accumulated about those close to them. This will definitely affect the wellbeing of the person, and it is highly important for the person not to lose her memory. In order to take care of Betty and help her maintain her wellbeing even as she fights Alzheimer’s disease, it will be necessary for Charlie Andrews to be able to help Betty achieve the following; Help Betty to feel loved and that her health issue is not a problem People need to be reassured that those close to them are not tired of supporting them. This is even more so with regard to invalids with chronic and terminal illnesses. Charlie Andrews needs to be able to act in a way that reassures his ailing mother that her disease is not an inconvenience to his life. This way, he will be able to help the person to calm her frustrations and thus help her to retain her wellbeing (Boniwell, 2004). Help Betty be able to overcome part of her problems People feel better if they can be part of the solution to their own problems. Given the problem Betty is going through the, there are at least two ways in which Charlie Andrews can help her solve most of her problems. Set the house to help Betty to overcome her memory problem Setting the house to help her overcome her memory problems will aid in a number of things. First of all, Betty will no longer be feeling like she is a burden to other people because ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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