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PROJECT REPORT Name Professor Institution Course Date Project Report Introduction Corby as a town has an exclusive history of development from the ancient times through the time of world war one to date. Kingswood is another center within Corby’s surroundings and depicts difference in status…
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Project report
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Download file to see previous pages Specifically, the research will examine a social development circumstance that is, Corby and protractible communities and develop a collection of interventions (Gilchrist, 2009). The report will also incorporate a comprehensive report on the procedures of analysis outlining the suggested intervention and providing complete justification for the desired execution (Fung, 1952). Mentioning communities it is imperative to assume a steadfast point of view by addressing Kingswood. However, there is explicit evidence that the two that is, Kingswood and Corby are not at the same level in various aspects. From the brief outline of Corby, Kingswood is contrary to a little degree. Kingswood is a town outside Corby and within its neighborhoods. The town has a transverse open space but is never clean. The planning is not impressive since there are older houses sandwiched within new ones hence; there is a contradiction of fashions and the designs. Moreover, even in the houses perceived to be of the contemporary designs are not organized in patterns and there is a larger extent of houses without proper organization. The security is lacking and persons are advised to take caution. In summary, Kingswood has no proper planning (Goffman, 1963). This intervention will depict all basic elements concerning the urban issues of the towns incorporating plans, issues affecting the towns and the remedy. Through the exceptional evaluations, there is hope that the intervention will be the best (ONS, 2004). Literature Review Oppressed persons or community has a definite understanding of their socio-cultural origins hence availing a chance for revolutionary transformation. This is the basis of critical community development. Effective critical community development is the only tool that can enable a community to regain from the social injustices it has faced to attain its dignity. The empowerment of the process that leads to attainment of the social justice among the disadvantaged community is the determinant of the pace towards accomplishing community empowerment and the consequential autonomy. Through critical community development method discussions, statistical information as well as troubleshooting the situation amidst the Kingswood community, suitable interventions are proposed with proof for preference. Attributes together with their adaptation criteria depicts Kingswood area residents have been incorporated to signify the dilemma experienced in community development (ESFE, 2010). In practical scenarios, communities are distinguishable by the power they are associated with. In this case, the mentioning of power entails being in possession of the fundamental aspects and having the control on them as well as their utilization. The critical aspects highlighted are the resources that can foster development in a community. The inclusion of Kingswood in Corby and the comparison of their resources and lifestyles manifest the disparity in resource distribution as well as the power discrepancy. In simple terms, these highlight on the superiority of one community over another (Emery & Flora, 2006). The community identity is another important facet to mention in every intervention. The identity of Kingswood is absolutely distinct as compared to that of Corby. To highlight a few are the town planning, sanitation, security, mental state of the residents and the living standards. In real sense, identity is not common within singular individuals or things but ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Project Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4250 Words.
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