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Access To Health - Essay Example

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For breastfeeding to be successfully initiated and established, during pregnancy and following birth, mothers need the active support of their families and communities and also of the entire health system…
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Access To Health
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Download file to see previous pages Primary research explains exactly what the researcher did in the study or experiment. According to Leavitt (2000), primary research is useful for questions that can be answered through asking others and direct observations. Primary research is conducted through interviews, surveys, observations, questionnaires, telephone interviews or focus groups. However, since the research is original, the results gathered will be more relevant to the needs of the client. Primary research is used in analyzing customers, competitors, distribution channels, and suppliers. It’s a useful tool in answering questions with a high degree of qualitative clarity. Basic types of primary research include qualitative and quantitative research. Secondary research involves synthesis or summary of existing research. Secondary research includes published research reports in a library, surveys or the internet. Sources of secondary data include previous research reports, newspaper, magazine and journal contents, government and NGO, and press articles. Secondary research is the most commonly used research. In qualitative research, variables are observed in their natural settings in which they are found. Data collection is either through direct observation or open-ended questions. The interviewer or observer is an integral part of the investigation. Qualitative research aims to get a better understanding through firsthand experience, truthful reporting, and quotations of actual conversations. It aims to understand how the participants derive meaning from the surroundings, and how their meaning influences their behavior. Findings in qualitative research are not conclusive and cannot be used to make generalizations about the population of interest. The purposes of qualitative research are; To gain an understanding of underlying reasons and motivations To provide insights into the setting of a problem, generating ideas and/or hypotheses for later quantitative research To uncover prevalent trends in thought and opinion According to Aliaga and Gunderson (2002), quantitative research is explaining phenomena by collecting numerical data that are analyzed using mathematically based methods. The behavior of the variables is observed under controlled conditions; isolate causal effects. The findings in quantitative research are used to recommend a final course of action. The purposes of quantitative research are; To quantify data and generalize results from a sample to the population of interest To measure the incidence of various views and opinions in a chosen sample Sometimes followed by qualitative research which is used to explore some findings further. Lay referral network is an informal network of family and friends who help an individual interpret and treat a disorder before the individual seeks formal medical treatment. People beliefs, theories and knowledge influence someone on their perceptions and presentation of health and disease. All people are social beings, and unless someone is isolated from other people, we tend to share our symptoms with another person. According to Russell (2009), the social networks through which a person passes through before seeking professional advice are referred to as lay referral networks. They consist of any advice or treatment given by relatives, friends, neighbors or colleagues. Particular people who are experienced in a specific illness, have experience raising children or retired health professionals, stand out prominently in giving advice. The outcome of lay referral will largely depend on the beliefs, attitudes, resources and access to formal health care of the individual with symptoms and the other network members. If the network has beliefs and circumstances that are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Access To Health Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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The Individual Access to Health and Social Care an old age care home. In this place, they might not have access to what care they used to get for their learning disability problems. The prevailing ageist approach in the society will thus be the greatest hurdle for them in getting proper care (Kerr, 2007, p.21). Ageism is a terminology that represents “discrimination against people because of their age” (Thompson, 2006, p.15). Researchers (Carnaby and Cambridge, 2006; Walker and Walker, 1998; McDonald, 2006) have observed that when a person under the care of one health service category is transferred to another, based on the factor that he/she has aged, he/she is no more getting the services which helped him/her to be independent but instead would...
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...Access to Health Care: Improving overall health status Equality in Access to health services is included in the forty two topic areas in Healthy People 2020 that caught my view as one of the objectives to have the highest importance in achieving a national goal of healthy Americans in the future. But what does access to health care actually means? According Gulliford et al (2002), facilitating access to health is concerned with helping people to command appropriate health care resources in order to preserve or improve their health status but...
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...Social Justice, Access to Health Care and Abortion Debate Deal with the broad issue of social justice and access to healthcare. Should we be concerned that given lack of universal coverage, that if we in America legalize euthanasia or cloning, the net effect will be bad for society as a whole because the burden and promise will be spread around unequally? Should we make sure we get universal access first before making such changes to taboos and traditional restrictions concerning the medical professions, because it could have potentially unfair or even genocidal effects? Give reasons for holding your view. Universal access to health care...
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...? Global Health I. Introduction Health equity relates to the “absence of systematic disparities in health between and within social groups that possess diverse levels of underpinning social advantages or disadvantages. Health equity details “when all people possess the opportunity to gain full health potential” and none is disadvantaged from attaining this position owing to their social position or other socially determined circumstance. Health disparities result from inequalities within the distribution of the underpinning of health across populations. Although, there is no universally employed definition of...
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...of affiliation: ACCESS TO HEALTH CARE Health care system in America has realized great transformations that have not only made it more complex but also much different from what it used to be. The changes are diverse and reflect the significant shifts realized when changing from an indemnity plan, founded strongly on what the patients proposed, to a managed care scheme. The past two generations have not only realized drastic health care changes but also offered a strong foundation for the many continuing transformations experienced. How different is the health care delivery today? What factors are responsible for the changes realized? How are families...
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...Access to health care in Canada INTEL [Pick the Health Care in Canada Thesis ment: "The funded health care system of Canada is facing considerable challenges that can only be addressed by upgrading the system to meet the demands of the day" Prior to mid-20th century, health care was largely considered to be a private family responsibility and its accountability also rested upon the individual family units. After the Second World War, the concept of Welfare State emerged (Eikemo & Bambra, 2008), in which government plays the principal role of protecting and promoting the social and economic well-being of its citizens. This concept of welfare state is based...
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...A Research Report on Access to Health Care in Canada OVERVIEW OF HEALTH CARE SYSTEM IN CANADA Canada is the second largest country in the world. The country has a government-funded, national health care system based on the Canadian Health Act of 1984 (Health Canada, 2012). Canada’s ten provinces and three territories run a statewide health insurance program “Medicare”, operated without any cost-sharing (Health Canada, 2012). Medicare is a national program that is composed of 13 interlocking provincial and territorial health insurance plans, all of which share common services and basic...
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...Access to Healthcare in France number: Number Number Introduction France is a diverse country with a large population and a higher percentage of life expectancy. Health is a public issue in France and considered “an inherent individual right,” dating back to the French revolution and “the Declaration of the ‘Droits de l’Homme’” (Sargent & Larchanché, 2008, p. 3). France’s health expenditures in 2000 amounted to 9.5% of its gross domestic product (GDP), which was a bit lower than that of the United States (Latry et al., 2010, p. 743). The French healthcare system is government funded operating under a national-health insurance system that reimburses...
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...that they live in might also be a cause of some of their health. This would be in consideration of factors such as hygiene, access to clean waters, and sanitation (Carnwell & Buchanan 2004, p. 187). The health care system will also be viewed to see if they are designed in a way that makes such communities disadvantaged in the United Kingdom. Government policy can also affect how these communities are able to access healthcare services and facilities throughout the United Kingdom. Methodology The data used in the compilation of this report were mainly collected through document and literature review. Given the time allocation the two were the most effective ways of...
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...but there was a higher probability of survival in the US because of its aggressive treatment (Wendel et al., 2014). Although healthcare quality cannot be measured solely by life expectancy, it reflects how much the population has access to healthcare. Access to healthcare is only one factor that influences health. Life expectancy is also influenced by violence and accidents. Infant mortality is influenced by access to healthcare and in comparing the three countries it would reflect the treatment options these countries have. The three countries depend on “fee-for-service reimbursement of physicians” (Smith, 2007, p. 48). The US is spending more with the implementation...
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