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Everyday Sociology Blog (soc101) - Essay Example

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Summary One of the most interesting and troubling dynamics of the current era is with regards to the high level of homelessness that exists within populations of veterans from the Armed Forces. Within the Everyday Sociology Blog which was analyzed to inform this particular summary and response, there exists an article by Karen Sternheimer entitled “Homeless Vets”…
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Everyday Sociology Blog (soc101)
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Download file to see previous pages As a function of this level of analysis, the reader is able to see that these two, although differing substantially with regards to how society integrates with them, ultimately and often exist concurrently. Sternheimer goes on to integrate an understanding with the reader that although the veteran community within the United States makes up only 9% of the total population, it accounts for more than 15% of all homelessness. Using societies profound in general respect for these veterans as a vehicle of understanding and realization, Sternheimer approaches the topic from a point of view that few might otherwise consider. As a function of this particular level of understanding, Sternheimer seeks to briefly identify some of the main reasons for why homelessness is so pervasive within the veteran community United States. Response/Commentary Some of the rationale for this occurrence that Sternheimer produces is concentric upon the level of hardship and difficulty that the military life often integrates with the veteran. ...
Whereas they are employed while they are in the military, the skills and trade they learn specific to fighting an enemy in preparing for war. Accordingly, few employers have need of such skills. From the analysis which is been summarized above, it is the understanding of this particular student that Sternheimer’s approach is both adequate and correct. This is due to the fact that homelessness and issues related to veterans are oftentimes reduced to the most simplistic aspects within the society that we live. As with many stereotypes that exists, these simplistic reductions are due to the fact that it is more readily available for individuals to engage in faulty interpretations and definitions that to realize some of the realistic aspects that the fine life and hardship for these two groups. However, perhaps the most effective aspect of the article which has been briefly summarized is with regards to the fact that the author was able to integrate the subject matter with the reader in a way that underscored both positive and negative stereotypes. Due to the fact that veterans are universally seen as a net asset and something that society should be desperately proud of, the juxtaposition with homelessness, something of a taboo and a subject that is often brushed aside and integrated helps to provide the start level of contrast. Yet another aspect that helped this particular piece of sociological research to stand apart from some of the others that were presented on the blog was with relation to the inclusion of hard verifiable statistics and numbers. Although sociology is ultimately social science and does not always lend itself to analysis that statistics and other branches of mathematics can yield, the inclusion of such figures and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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