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Love Beyond Borders - Essay Example

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Love is one of the most written and acted about subjects in the history of mankind, poets have been writing about it since time immemorial and battles have been fought in the name of love. …
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Love Beyond Borders
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Download file to see previous pages It is because of love, that two people from extremely different background can come together and transcending their social cultural or political reservations be united through the love they share for each other. However, despite the fact that love has been described as a beautiful, romantic and out of this world experience, it can also end up being unrequited and result in painful separations which can cause a great deal of pain and hurt even between people who love each other. For purposes of the discussion I picked two films, Pretty Woman; starring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts, I picked it because it engenders the love that can occur across an immense social, cultural and economic divide, where a rich sophisticated billionaire and a poor uneducated New York prostitute find love in each other. The Westside story is the next film, it is loosely framed around the plot of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and it portrays the pain and destruction that can ensure in the name of love resulting to separation and fatalities. Human beings have always tried to create divisions among each other; these range from social, to economic religious and financial just to mention a few. In the past many of them were formal classifications that were even supported by laws, nonetheless, in modern society there are hardly any laws that would allow discrimination based on such parameters. This is because it is natural for people to love without discrimination and despite the superficial restrictions that exist and are informally enforced by society people still find love outside their circle or social class. This is however often opposed in various ways ranging from subtle to extremes such as violence. Lovers have often had to fight to uphold their love especially across social and racial divides, in some communities or families, marrying from a different race are found acceptable. This also happens when lovers try to reach out to each other across different financial or family backgrounds, lovers, considering the passionate nature of love often completely disregard this restrictions. As a result, there ensures a conflict between the two sides; the lovers communities to separate them, and they heartily struggle to remain together, in many cases ready to fight against all odds. This has been a dominant theme in classic and modern literature and many films have exploited the con that almost results from such situations, its melodramatic value is often enhance by the fact that in many cases such situations are resolved dramatically. They either end up tragically with one or both of the characters dying or living happily ever after both affecting the psych of the audience by pleasing or disappointing them. In Garry Marshalls Pretty woman, the union between the two leading characters from any perspective is a very unlikely one, they come from two very radically different backgrounds. Edward Lewis is a millionaire business man who raids, splits up and sells off companies in trouble. They meet when Edward gets lost in Hollywood and she offers to drive him to his hotel, he takes al liking for her and they agree to enter a business relationship, she would be his escort for the duration of his stay in Hollywood for 3000 dollars. From their initial differences one would not expect they would have anything in common, yet despite their differences they have a lot to talk about and teach and learn from each other. After spending good time together and understanding one another they come to know each other more than just as a working girl and her client; they become friends and slowly develop feeling for each other. It is soon apparent that they are in love despite their efforts not ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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