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Social cost of unemployment in the United States of America - Essay Example

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Social Cost of Unemployment in the United States of America Name: Tutor: Course: Institution: Date: Table of Contents Introduction 3 Unemployment and Drug abuse 4 Unemployment and Welfare Abuse 5 Unemployment and Racism 6 Organization Working to Reduce Social Problem 6 Conclusion 7 References 8 Social Cost of Unemployment in the United States of America Introduction There are substantial social costs imposed by unemployment to the United States of America; in fact, these costs are incurred at local or state levels…
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Social cost of unemployment in the United States of America
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Download file to see previous pages Moreover, there are various sociologists have asserted that there has been an exaggeration and of violence through media, which is leads to fear. In addition, there are numerous cases of domestic violence, alcoholism, drug abuse among other social problems, which result from unemployment (Lauer and Lauer, 2011). Nevertheless, this paper focuses on exploring social costs of unemployment in America, through a discussion focusing on its relation to different forms of abuse and racism. The paper will also offer a profile of an organization that focuses on eradicating these social problems, thereby discussing their strategies. Social cost of unemployment has a significant co-relationship with social opportunity cost of people, who are unemployed at a given period (Soliman, 2005). On the other hand, social costs of unemployment are evaluated through a comparison to opportunity cost of resources based on value of their best possible appropriation. However, relevant opportunity cost during a certain period does not imply to full employment (Soliman, 2005). In fact, this evaluation can be focused on social costs of unemployment through an assessment of desirability for certain unemployment policies (Soliman, 2005). Therefore, this leads to a conclusion that different policies have implications of opportunity costs for unemployed people. Unemployment and Drug abuse Unemployment has been directly associated with social problems such as drug abuse since these rates are determined by the number of jobless people. For instance, a focus on state output per capita depicts its positive co-relationship with use of drugs such as cocaine and marijuana (Rampell, 2009). In fact, use of drugs such as marijuana and cocaine has also been associated with states, where Barrack Obama garnered large numbers of votes during presidential elections held in 2008 (Rampell, 2009). This observation illustrates that most of the people, who voted for President Barrack Obama were unemployed and they were influenced by his promises to lower the level of unemployment. Rampell (2009) suggests that states with healthier people have low levels of drug abuse. In fact, health is also associated with the level of income, which is directly related to unemployment. The graph below portrays the distribution of relationship between drug abuse and unemployment among different states in the United States of America (Rampell, 2009). Unemployment and Welfare Abuse Unemployment has contributed to the rising cases of welfare abuse at local and state level since the beginning of this program (Kyle, 2013). Besides, welfare abuse occurs due to scarcity of resources offered by government for patrolling appropriation of welfare offered to American citizens. However, welfare abuse is not comparable to welfare capitalism programs manned by private companies in the United States of America. Nevertheless, there are few forms of welfare abuse, which are observed by program administrators. For instance, there are situation where a person falsifies information during application process in order to qualify for these benefits (Kyle, 2013). Apparently, a person who is willing to falsify information for acquiring these benefits may be unemployed, but he or she does not qualify to benefit for this ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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