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Different voices about gun controlling policy in the US society - Essay Example

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Different voices about gun control policy in the United States Different voices about gun control policy in the United States Name: Institution: Course: Supervisor: Date: April 19, 2013 Introduction Private gun ownership is a controversial topic that elicits diversified reactions from both the public and policy makers despite the fact that people have the right to poses and carry gun for self-defense…
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Different voices about gun controlling policy in the US society
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Download file to see previous pages I, in this paper, explore the different opinions over the United States gun control policy. Arguments for gun control policies Diversified views exist against legalization of gun ownership and t advocate for legal reforms. Two bases exist for this position, the current laws that legalize gun ownership are believed to be outdated and do not meet their intended purpose and gun ownership due to legalization is a threat to the society as well as the gun owners. The first reason that supports control of gun ownership, preferably through illegalization, is the scope of the constitution that recommended unrestricted private gun ownership because of the then existence of organized militia groups. The groups were a threat to people’s security and operated against government forces at the time. The environment has however changed, a more organized government with efficient and effective security forces exist to protect people and the organized militia groups no longer exist. This, according to the proponents of illegalization, identifies inconsistency between current gun ownership and the intentions of the writers of the second amendment and the inconsistency should be remedied by illegalizing private gun ownership. ...
Legalization of gun ownership has also been associated with many vices and risks and a constitutional amendment towards illegalization would offers social benefits to the American people. Comparative data on violence related mortalities among children and adolescents bellow 14 years identifies a significant difference between regions with high rates of private gun ownership and regions where gun possession is considerably low. Apart from cases of homicides that are not related to guns, regions with high ownership rates reports higher mortality rates from the children’s violent interactions. It is therefore necessary to control gun ownership as a strategy to saving the lives of vulnerable children. Gun possession also presents threats to adults’ lives. Presence of a gun at home exposes people to injuries and even death from gun related accidents. Mistaken identities into shootings and improper handling of guns to shot at a person, without intentions, are common cases. People have also used guns to commit suicide or inflict self-harm and the applications that are inconsistent with the intentions for permitting gun ownership. Similarly, guns have been used in homes for murders following domestic conflicts and homicides cases, based on five-year data analysis from the year 2003, account for more than 20 deaths in the United States per day. The weapons are also used to threaten people. The owners gain advantage over people to intimidate them or even kill them (Hemenwaay, 2011). Immediate negative effects of gun ownership further identify social strain on victims, their families, and friends. Accidental and intentional shootings leads to injuries and death that inflicts pain on the victims, their relatives and associates, and this ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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