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  Skivers and Strivers Name: Institution:       Skivers and Strivers Commentators and politicians would make people believe that only workers in paid jobs make a significant contribution to society and are hard-working. They assert that those who depend on out-of-work benefits are worthless and lazy…
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Assess the argument behind distinguishing skivers and strivers
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Download file to see previous pages Far from skiving, a large number of individuals who do not take part in paid work are making an exceptionally tremendous input through a variety of unpaid endeavours. Without the contribution of people taking part in unpaid work, the entire society, together with the formal society, would be destroyed (Prasanta 2008, p. 23). This paper will assess the argument behind distinguishing skivers and strivers while looking at the government’s enforcement of austerity to decrease government borrowing, lessening a range of social welfare benefits, and assessing the view that welfare payment are extremely high and support undeserving lifestyle, or if the return of the ban notion of undeserving poor is merely a means to render the victims of neo-liberalism the cause of their own misfortune. Descriptions such as skivers and strivers have turn out to be a frequent aspect of political expression since 2010. This expression groups individuals into those who are feckless and unemployed, and those who are focussed and hardworking. In addition, this expression makes people to condemn one group and support the other entirely. The expression communicates a number of notions and achieves several purposes. Political players of every sort have been employing terms such as weal-takers, scroungers, wealth creators, welfare mums, and undeserving and deserving poor for a long time (Harris 2005, p. 116). By doing this, it develops a prevalent idea that two enduring and distinct factions exist, the skiver and the strivers, and that every individual makes a choice to be either skivers or strivers. Skiver is a term used to refer to individuals who are not paid to engage in work activities because they have a preference for a life of ease and leisure. These people are perceived to be manipulative, unreliable, and lazy. These individuals tend to live at other people’s expense so that they can abuse a number of substances, watch television, sleep, and waste their time. These people depend on assistance and are not able to do anything on their behalf. A large number of skivers have emulated this way of existence from their caregivers and transmit it on to their young ones. These people are also presumed to be outsiders. They are seen as morally disreputable, unproductive, and untrustworthy (Charlton 2004, p. 75). It is perceived that skivers are paid for not engaging in any meaningful activity because they do not contribute to the society, while feeding on benefits. In contrast, strivers are perceived as not getting anything for their hard work or productivity. This is because the pay taxes and do not get any benefits. These individuals are only rewarded for the work they accomplish. Strivers are presumed to be hard workers, investing tremendous energy and frequently lengthy hours for low wages, so as to get on in the world, support their households, and earn a living. They are also seen as morally righteous, economically productive, and socially responsible. It may be argued that the skivers and strivers myth divides individuals against one another and creates an excuse. If individuals are going through a difficult period and finding life challenging, they may point the finger at the skivers, instead of anything else, for example, the economic policies of the government (Keynes 2007, p. 78). Commentators and politicians find this essential because they are aware that a large constituent of electorates will position themselves in the strivers group, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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