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The Book of Eli - Movie Review Example

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[Name of of Instructor] Relationship between Technology and Social Change Civic engagement has generally declined in US society. There are several reasons for this, one of them being the effect of metropolitan fragmentation and the process of balkanization of communities…
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The Book of Eli
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Extract of sample "The Book of Eli"

Download file to see previous pages Civic engagement involves both individual and collective actions that are designed to address issues of concern to the public. Civic engagement can be done in various ways ranging from participation in community activities, involvement in discussions, and participation in political advocacy campaigns. Individual volunteerism, electoral participation and organizational involvement are some of the ways in which civic engagement can be achieved (Ferguson, 4:54). The presence of various forms media has led to the use of media for civic engagement by using documentaries to bring issues to the public’s attention. As expected in any society, contemporary artists have responded to the social fears through films and art. An example of a film that predicts the result of a self destructive world where human beings have self destructed as a result of unguided technological advancements is the film “The Book of Eli.” Going by predictions that were made by artists such as Leornado Da Vinci it becomes imperative that such movies are perhaps subtle warnings that the current society should actually review the effects of technology on social structures. The film describes the remnants after a catastrophic destruction that leads to anarchy. In the film the world has become a dangerous place of existence ruled by ruthless gangs that kill just for the fun of it. There is lawlessness and survival becomes not just a pastime but a preoccupation. The movie is perhaps a reminder of what happens in the backstreets of some of the most dangerous cities in the world where even law enforcements authorities dread to venture. According to Susan Ferguson, capitalism brought with it many advantages such as economic liberties. However, Susan also explains that capitalism also created new and subtle aspects of social inequalities. Susan gives an example of the current American society ruled by a specific class of persons and groups (Susan, chap, 1:23). Pushed by circumstances there also emerged class of the unrepresented who took over the streets making them very dangerous places to live in. The movie “The Book of Eli” brings into perspective various aspects of this kind of social structure characterized by lawlessness and anarchy. To improve chances of survival human beings have organized themselves in gangs having discovered the comfort and protection of being in a gang. Furthermore, the gangs give the rather directionless and disillusioned members a sense of belonging and purpose in existence. Without a sense of purpose and belonging survival is impossible especially in such a harsh environment (Johnson, 1:46). With advancements in technology many people have found themselves redundant in the job market as a result of adoption of machines. Computer technology for instance has led to the invention of machines that can perform a given task with significant as speed as compared to human beings. Developments and competition in the business world also dictate that companies need to reduce costs of production in order to increase profits. The result is that many people find themselves desperately in need of a sense of purpose, direction and belonging just like the emerging gangs ruling the streets in “The Book of Eli.” The film also brings into perspective the aspect of competing visions with regard to the priorities of different characters. With increase in population in the face of ever diminishing resources, the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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