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Eli and Charliecompare and contrast - Book Report/Review Example

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Set in the Oregon territory in the 1851, The Sisters brothers is an interesting novel with its plot following the lives of two brothers Eli Sisters and Charlie Sisters. The author of the novel, Patrick DeWitt develops systematic conflicts that sustain the story to completing…
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Eli and Charliecompare and contrast
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Extract of sample "Eli and Charliecompare and contrast"

Download file to see previous pages Just as the name suggests, the plot in the Sisters brothers revolves around the lives and activities of Charlie and Eli, the Sisters brothers. The novel begins with an inhumane image of a burning horse. The horse kicks his burning legs while his red-hot eye pops out. The scene of the burning horse sets Eli apart from his elder brother Charlie. The fact that Eli sits down and reminisces his dying horses is a vital factor that shows his key personality that sets him apart from his elder brother. The author portrays Eli is a humane individual who shows compassion, falls in love and is rational. Charlie, on the other hand, lacks the three basic features. The differences in the personalities of the two brothers help set them apart thereby heightening the conflicts both among them and in the plot of the novel. However, the two have a number of similarities.
Eli’s humane personality develops rapidly as the plot advances. After the death of his first horse, he gets another horse called Tub. The relationship between him and Tub develops rapidly as he became friendly and attached to the horse. He gets an opportunity to swap the horse and does so only to change his mind. He explains that the animal had served him faithfully despite his stubborn nature. He, therefore, cancels the transaction and gets Tub back. As they travel, Eli engages his brother Charlie on his current thoughts about their job. Eli engages Charlie on morality as he questions why they must kill for money. However, Charlie rubs Eli off explaining that Eli had always been a whiner. The arguments on morality that Eli presents do not convince him otherwise.
In his explanation, Charlie takes the plot of the novel back to when they were children through a flashback. He explains that he had shot his abusive father before he took his mother who had broken her arm to have it set. He expected ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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