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The Book of Eli - Research Paper Example

America and the world have been destroyed in a pervasive nuclear war, and the post-apocalyptic world stretches in utterly disorder and confusion. Visuals used to convey the message have been filmed using a dull texture and yellowish shade. Perhaps the style was considered by Hughes Brothers as suitable to visualize a barren, war torn, and burnt out world, with virtually little or no fuel, food, and other basic needs of life. This treatment is perhaps a reverse impression of the human aspiration of a peaceful world. Humans may go to violence and war, but basically nobody should want a destroyed world like the one as shown in The Book of Eli. Almost throughout the span of the film, one man named Eli is seen as traveling toward the west coast of the USA from the eastern fringes of the land. Eli claims that an inner voice asks him to carry a book (that is the Book of Eli) to the western coast. As the movie progresses on, the audience comes to know that this book is the Holy Bible, and almost all copies of this book had been destroyed after the apocalyptic nuclear war was over. That nuclear war took place 30 years before the time which is being depicted in the film. Eli is left alone, and he is walking toward west guided by his faith. In his way to the western coast, Eli comes across many people, the most dangerous among them being Carnegie who wants Eli’s book so that he can control the post-apocalyptic world with the help of that book. Indirect and direct struggles between Eli and Carnegie

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The book of Eli argument
This paper helps to provide a synthetic argument and analysis on the basis of the movie, its direction and other styles of being told as a story to the audience worldwide, as well as how the same was received and accepted by people. The book of Eli was an amazing movie which showcased greatness in its true life form.
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Movie or Book Review
You might want to look ahead at some of the later chapters in your text that deal with emotion, motivation, personality, the development of the individual over the life span, health and stress, and psychological disorders and treatment, so that you have a more complete idea of the different concepts that might apply.
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How the Holocaust Influenced the Work of Eli Weisel, and the Winning of the Nobel Peace Prize
He was fifteen years old, when he went through four different concentration camps: Auschwitz, Buna, Gleiwitz, and Buchenwald. These camps brought him face-to-face with experiences of prejudice and discrimination. His narrative about starvation and brutality exemplifies the capacity of human beings for unthinkable evil.
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The findings were both very surprising at times and also very informative at the same time. This report is intended to be submitted to my professor '''''''''''''. who was my instructor within the course of ''''''''''''''''' The following document contains a report on the comparative prices of the bestseller books and the literature books online.
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According to Joseph E. Stiglitz, globalization and its discontents is a succinct, distressing and inexorable reflection of the global economic policies of the World Bank,
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These were times when the Israel had no king to rule, but there was a Levite sojourning who lived in the Ephraim Mountain and who took a
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Other difficulties include socialization and in large extent the mobility of the affected individuals. Understanding the symptoms of the needy
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Power and control as related to the movie The Book of Eli
In light of this, the survivors pulverized all remaining duplicates of the Bible. Across an impacted, demolished, desert-like scene the hero Eli walks (The Holy Bible). The film consolidates
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Eli Whitney and the Cotton Gin
After working as a tutor for some years, Eli found out that his tutoring job was going to be half of what he was told, he accepted Catherine Greenes offer.While
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Eli Whitney and the Cotton Gin
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could have recreated the movie as an action drama. However, use of different visuals to show how affluent today’s world is changes this supposed tone of a typical Hollywood film radically. Analysis From a prospective action drama, the film ascends to a moralistic melodrama. Eli, on his way westward, finds Solara who becomes very intimate with him. But instead of focusing on a romantic relationship between Eli and Solara, the Hughes Brothers appear to be using this subplot as a way to show the audience that what is meant by violence and how precious peace is! Eli and Salora could make a family, but the very aspiration to have a home is lost in continuous lawlessness and greedy villains like Carnegie. Also, the Hughes Brother’s used the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco as a brilliant visual to expound this situation (see Figure – 1). The message is clear that the contemporary capitalist democracy is lot better than (supposed) religious fundamentalism. Figure – 1: Post-apocalyptic Golden Gate Bridge, as shown in the movie The Book of Eli. (Screenshot taken from Fanpop.com) So what was the need of Bible now? The Hughes Bothers have exhibited a supposed skirmish of thesis and antithesis. The thesis is that religion is basically a good humanistic development. The antithesis is that religion can be a dangerous tool in the hands of fanatics. According to Eli, people who survived the apocalyptic war came to believe that the war had been caused by religious texts. Hence, copies of religious books were then destroyed worldwide. So this information, combined with the impressions of smoky, rustling cars, deteriorating highways, cruel bandits and hijackers, etc. leads the spectator to believe the basic nature of humans is peaceful. Some fanatics polluted religion, some people like Carnegie spread violence due to their personal greed. But there were people like Eli, who believed in


Author Name Assignment Subject Movie Analysis: The Book of Eli Introduction The Book of Eli is a post-apocalyptic world based movie with considerable use of special effects and imaginative visuals. The Hughes Brothers, who directed the film, used a dull, shadowy style all through the movie to create impressions of apparent disarray and hopelessness…
The Book of Eli
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