How Does Social Media Affects Our Happiness - Research Paper Example

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This paper looks at how social media sites affect our happiness by making us happier. Happiness is an important aspect of human lives and their existence. Happiness is directly related to pleasure and is affected by many factors, which are involuntary and voluntary. …
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How Does Social Media Affects Our Happiness
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Download file to see previous pages They can arrange for meetings or initiate a chat with one another. Social media makes communication between the users more transparent and more accessible in the sense that different users can find out what their friends are doing and can easily contact them. The main purpose of users of social media is to keep track of user activities on their social network. Most people use the social media to connect with friends and family through status updates, uploading pictures and updating status. Through its increasing popularity, people are more connected with one another, and this makes the online users happier than the offline users who do not share in the fun. Social media gives people an opportunity to compare one’s individual identity with the society. According to Leif et al., “social networking has become so fundamental that we become human beings first when wen we interact with other people” (10). This shows the high dependency of people on the social media and how much influence it has on people’s lives. We develop our personalized identity in the interactions that we have from these sites, and they help us make sense of ourselves. We identify ourselves differently, for example, self-perception which refers to the image that we have of ourselves. Self-esteem is the assessment of individual self-worth and self-confidence is how we believe in our abilities. Other people act as mirrors in which we continuously reflect ourselves. We generally compare our achievements and our failures with those of our friends. How happy we are and the things bringing happiness to us –we compare them with other people who we contact with. Social media is a good platform for this. Users compare their successes with other...
This paper approves that social media does not only give us the opportunity to re-unite with our old friends or keep track of our friends but also allows us to meet and know new people, people we never knew previously. New contacts can be generated through social media, some of which lead to lifetime relationships while others set solid foundations for lifetime business partners.
People are happier if they are able to realize themselves. Self-realization is a key to happiness as a person gets to understand who they are and their ability to achieve full potential. Happiness is a means for self-realization. Slater defines happiness as a resultant effect of self-realization.
This essay makes a conclusion that social media is fun, as every user will acknowledge. While it gives people an opportunity to interact with one another, the interactions give birth to a whole new experience of happiness and joy. Many people are now dependent on social media and need it for everything that they desire. By virtue of its robust usage, it is not possible to ignore social media. Media houses and companies, organizations, politicians and celebrities have made it a good platform to reach out to their people. It is growing at a rapid pace and its benefits cannot be underestimated. Most people are now happier in their lives through social media, while others are pleased by being online and knowing that they are part of a community. More people find happiness in the social media for various reasons and more people are appreciating the impact that social media has had in their lives as a form of interaction and improving our happiness. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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