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Combating Gangs in the Inner Cities - Essay Example

Its high population has led to the growth of street gangs. Gang problem in Los Angelos has been a threat to the authorities as it has led to the increase of organized crime in the city. According to the United States Census of 2010, Los Angelos has a population of 3,792,621 people with a population density of 7,544.6 people per square mile. The majority of its people are between the ages of 18 to 44 years which is referred to as the age of the youth. 34.1 years is the median age. There have been an estimated number of 450 gangs with a membership of 45,000 members. Narcotics trade has been the major contributor to the spread of gangs due to its lucrative market. Different gangs identify their members through graffiti, tattoos, piercings, rings,choice and color of clothing, secret codes and sign to name a few ( Huff 1990). Gang problem in LA has led to gang killings due to drug wars, revenge, fighting over the control of certain areas. Most of the gang members are the youth who are organized in cohesive units led by powerful gang leaders. The youth join gangs to make money by selling drugs and committing criminal activities funded by their gang leaders or Bosses. Rivalry of the different gangs has led to an increase of illegal arms on the streets to which leads to the rampant shootings. This has created a headache for the law enforcement officers. Since gang problem is a community problem there have been measures to help deal with the problem like through the use of schools, community-based

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In terms of legal definition, the members of gangs commonly violate laws on a regular basis (Kinnear, 2009, p.40). A more specific definition by Sandra Gardner in 1983 defined gang as “an organization of young people from early teens to early twenties, with a specific name and claims a particular territory, has regular meetings and distinct leaders, and exhibits the most important factor which is delinquency” (Kinnear, 2009, p.3).
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This increased prevalence of gang activities is more in the urban areas than in rural counties where some level of decline has been recorded over the same period. Gangs terrorize neighborhoods by invading people’s homes, robbing and stealing from businesses and manipulating drug trade among other negative activities.
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Gangs in America
Many teenagers are tempted or feel obliged to become gang members due to their social/cultural circumstances or depressed economic reasons. Young persons who grow up in substandard neighborhoods too often perceive that the only way to be protected from gang activity is to join one, an instinctual conclusion based on self-preservation.
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In the past, gangs were taken lightly as representing “play groups”, but recent times have seen them transforming to take up more pejorative connotations. Today, gangs are considered more pathological as opposed to functional groupings to the extent of almost becoming synonymous with criminal and violent groups.
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Combating gang activity
Most of the time, gangs have a formal organizational structure, definite leadership, an identifiable territory and recurrent activities mostly serious and violent criminals. As a result a number of law enforcement agencies have come up to try and combat the activities of these gangs.
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Inner Spirit
This is a dangerous condition because the heart works harder in pumping blood and the arteries harden from this pressure (Regenerative nutrition, n.d). There are specific holistic self-care activities that can be adopted to deal with the problems of high blood pressure.
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Youth Gangs
It is believed that youth gangs initially appeared in Europe, or Mexico. However it is not totally clear when or why youth gangs made their appearance in the United States. The earliest record of their appearance in the United States may have been as early as 1783, as the American Revolution ended.
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These responsibilities are deemed as one of the most important activities of the country. However, there are juveniles who went astray and become menace of the society. They tend to do things, which most criminals do. They are engaged in activities that is harmful and disgrace to the society.
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Urban enterpreneurialism has become the adopted post-modern system of governance in cities such as Birmingham. Do new developments benefit inner city areas and
Urban Renewal, Urban entrepreneurialism, Urban Revitalisation or Urban Renaissance – by whatever name called, the concept behind it, no matter where one resides, holds fundamental desires every person strives for. We
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John consider city as achievements and failing of humanity ; at first it is shaped by human and then it shapes human lives. In 2030 he expects the population to cover two thirds of the globe (Reader, 2004). People urbanize due to their
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organizations, police, and public health officials in an effort to prevent and intervene the gang problem ( Huff 1990). Gang problem in Los Angelos has led to the spread of gangs to other parts of the United States. Gangs migrate to other parts of the U.S. in an effort to expand their territory. Law enforcement officers have like the District Attorney’s Office has been at the forefront to suppress, prevent and intervene into the gang problem. This has been done through strict prosecutions of criminal gang activities. This has been done by following Penal Code Section 186.20, which is the Street Terrorism Enforcement and Prevention Act which gives the attorneys powers to enhance penalties and strict sentences to gang members. Prosecution of gang members faces difficulties as most of the witnesses are afraid to be a witness against a gang member for fear of revenge attacks by other gang members. This makes witnesses not to cooperate fully with the prosecution. To ensure the safety of the witnesses, the attorneys ensure that the witnesses are relocated to a safer environment (Arthur & Edsel 1992). There have been programs put in place to fight gang activities in Los Angelos and they include: Community Law Enforcement and Recovery program which uses a collaborative effort to fight gang activities, the Unsolved Homicide Team which uses detectives in the investigations and prosecutions of unsolved gang activities and the Gang Risk Intervention Program. To prevent and intervene on the gang problem one has to understand the causes of gang activity. Some of the causes are: family heritage where a family has a history of involvement with gangs, defense mechanism for failure at school, gangs provide a sense of belonging and companionship, lack of alternative means to earn money, looking for safety, peer pressure and a way to gain respect from the community ( Arthur & Edsel 199


Los Angelos Gang Problem Institution The name Los Angelos originated from the Spanish and it means The Angels. This city is one of the most populous cities in the United States. Due to its large population it has attracted a variety of investment opportunities in entertainment, media, and fashion industries…
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Combating Gangs in the Inner Cities
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