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Topic: Reciprocity Network Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Introduction Reciprocity network is the symbiotic relationship between networks. It provides a medium for different people to relate and exchange ideas through various network channels (Kilduff & Tsai 16)…
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Reciprocity Network
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Topic: Recipro Network Introduction Recipro network is the symbiotic relationship between networks. It provides a medium for different people to relate and exchange ideas through various network channels (Kilduff & Tsai 16). These types of networks are important as they help in connecting different business organization as well as people from various parts of the world. It makes the globe a small unit where it is easy to navigate from one area to another. Migration is not only based on locomotion movement but people can migrate and share ideas with people who are distant apart without physically moving from where they are located. Social networks are the most common networks affiliated with reciprocity. The U.S is a good example of a state where social networking plays a big role in development and the provision of both economic and political stabilities through positive social relations. This is all attributed to social networking (Kilduff & Tsai 104). This is because they act as a medium of connection among people who are far apart. Social networks provide people with a chance to interact though the internet. Social networking has various advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are that it makes the world a small unit where it is easy to migrate and meet people whom one can exchange ideas and improve both economically and technologically. It is a medium that helps in creating social awareness. This is when people share information about what goes on around them or their geographical locations. Social networking is a good method of acquiring general knowledge. Social networks act as metal breakaways thus are good sites for the relaxation of the mind. Their reciprocity nature makes them good channels for interrelation and exchange of cultural ideas as well as practices. People meet in social networks and decide to form long term commitments either in business or social life. This leads to the formation of business organization and social structures. It also leads to marriages and long-term engagements. Communication networks are other forms of reciprocity networks. This is where people relate mutually through communication. Media stations are good sources of communication networks. The importance of communication networks is that they act as information sources. They create awareness of current events thus people are able to access current information through listening to radio station. People are also able to share as well as gain ideas through interactive shows. Communication networks enable people to pose job advertisements thus companies pay for the advertisement of vacancies in unoccupied sections of their job department and in turn they get variety of applications. Media stations also act as medium for donation of fund which help in the assistance of the disable. People are eligible to present their problems in media stations and in turn get assistance through donations from a variety of sources. Reciprocity networks make business easy as people are able to trade in business networks. Business networks have made the buying and selling of goods to be easy as it enables international trading. They expand the trading field and makes work easier. It also enables people to acquire a variety of goods from various points of the world without physically traveling to these places. Business networks act as a media for mutual relationships between buyers and sellers of goods and services (Kilduff & Tsai 82). They are sites that are used to promote businesses as they create a mutual relationship between companies and investors. Education networks have recently grown to become one of the famous networking agents of reciprocity networks. The advancement of technology has directly affected the education systems of a range of institution with the introduction of the E-learning system being effective. In this case many students all around the world prefer online education since it is convenient and provides a range of university option to choose from since it is not affected by distance. Online learning is the use of the internet to interact directly with the teacher. The student is only required to log in to the school website and attend lectures. During lecture sessions, the student is able to ask questions and the teacher provides answers. This makes education networks to be good examples of reciprocity networks. E-learning is efficient in almost all the nations around the world. The United States of America has invested a lot finances in this system as education is greatly endorsed in the nation’s constitution. Conclusion Reciprocity networks play an important role in the world as they connect a lot of entities that link up to promote development in many sectors of the world’s economic, political and social structures. Therefore, they are very essential systems in the human set up thus should be highly endorsed. Technology also creates a great impact reciprocity networks. The rise in technology creates numerous ideas that widen the field of reciprocity networking. Work cited Kilduff Martin., Tsai Wenpin. Social Networks and Organizations. New York. SAGE. Print Read More
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