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Chinese social network - Essay Example

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Chinese Social networking: Social networking Theory and Guanxi Name: Institution: CHINESE SOCIAL NETWORKING: SOCIAL NETWORKING THEORY AND GUANXI Introduction The concept of Guanxi in China is a type of social networking theory that is definitive of an individual’s place in the social structure, in addition to, the provision of a prescribed role, trust, and security (Warren et al, 2011: p359)…
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Chinese social network
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Download file to see previous pages Secondly, the two give a change theory together with a sustainability ethic where order is created as a relative and local phenomenon by trust. Finally, both SNT and Guanxi characterize order and randomness as essential, even though Guanxi favors trust and certainty over chaos. These comparisons have the implication of undermining claims of primacy and newness that are often associated with recent literature in social networking theory (Littlefield et al, 2010: p396). In addition, they suggest that theorists of social networking in the west can attain important insight from Guanxi eastern thought. Chinese Guanxi and Social Network Theory Interaction mediated by computers in social networks has given local scientists the ability to view emergent social network characteristics, track the types of information flowing through the networks, and definition of relationships that exist between these networks (Davison & Ou, 2008: p290). However, the same issues are also to be found among the Chinese whose culture possesses rules for dealing with social environments that are similarly hyper. In order to understand this, the Chinese market scene is perfect for study. This scene has not been significantly altered in thousands of years with merchants, craftsmen, artisans, and farmers sell their services and ware in an environment that is highly interactive that changes from time to time. The market people seem to shout and broadcast their business desire into the air with bargaining a mainstay and regular customers being given better prices. There is gossip among friends with exchange of essential information about economic or political trends. While there is an exchange of money, the preferred mode is barter since there is more certainty on value delivery and the sustenance of relationship (Davison & Ou, 2008: p290). This marketplace, therefore, becomes a venue of exchange with the creation and loss of trust, as well as the correlation of trade relationship skills and the ability to provide for one’s family. This marketplace environment acted as the primordial soup that Guanxi as a Chinese notion arose from. The idea of Chinese Guanxi was informed by the Chinese marketplace, just as social networks were informed by the emergence of computer networks (Taormina & Gao, 2010: p1199). In those environments where a degree economic and relational certainty was fundamental for traditions, rules, and survival for social engagement arose, allowing for definition of roles, ethics of relationships, and socio-economic sustainability. Mei Hui defines Guanxi as a gift economy, although there is much more to it. Guanxi is referent to a concept of using connections to secure personal relationship favors. It is a pervasive and intimate network of relationships where Chinese culture imaginatively, subtly, and energetically engages. Guanxi can also be defined as a mechanism through which people can achieve business, family, and personal objectives (Taormina & Gao, 2010: p1200). This definition is focused on processes through which people can attain collective goals. In Guanxi, the emphasis is on relationships, although, in Chinese, relationships have an increased meaning. Therefore, Guanxi is referent to a more profound sense of relationships than that in customary usage, in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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