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In What Way(S), If At All, Do Race And Ethnicity Still Matter - Essay Example

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Race is a phenomenon that is over-theorized yet not directly associated with the social and political engagement. It is focused on identity more and clearly lacks political engagement…
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In What Way(S), If At All, Do Race And Ethnicity Still Matter
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In What Way(S), If At All, Do Race And Ethnicity Still Matter

Download file to see previous pages... However, these social ideas are so prevalent that we seldom care for their scientific and political importance. Is a white colored and blue eyed person any better than black colored and curly haired person? Is it more than just different variety of genes? Does commonly held idea of beauty and superiority makes a certain group rule and exploit every other group? The answer in certainly no, however, the idea of race and ethnicity is still prevalent in modern world. This paper tries to explore that in what ways, if at all, 'race' and 'ethnicity' still matters.
Race and ethnicity are social constructs that refer to particular social group sharing cultural heritage and ancestry devised by oppressive system of race relations. These constructs are justified by ideology where one group takes advantage over other through domination and defines other groups and itself through that supremacy and possession of some selective and arbitrary physical attributes, such as, skin color(Krieger,2000,36).Racism refers to individual or institutional practices which generate and reinforce the oppressive systems of racial differences and relations (Krieger, 2000, 36).Ethnicity is a social construct that is originally devised to discriminate between the "innately" different groups that allegedly classified as an overall same race (Hobsbawm cited in Krieger, 2002)....
However, her theory holds that ethnicity is the perception of a group about itself that ensures the sense of identity and belonging, on the other hand, perceptions associated with race are created and reinforced by those who are outside of that particular group, mostly more dominant than the group under consideration. Most of the perceptions and practices associated with race are negative and at odds with their own perception about their group. A recent example is that some Americans' tend to perceive Muslims as terrorists or extremists. Therefore, any perception that Muslims hold as true and beautiful about being Muslim is drowned by this practice of racism (Markus cited in DeAngelis, 2008).Another example is media's hype over whether America is ready for a black president (DeAngelis,2008). Race is a phenomenon that is over-theorized yet not directly associated with the social and political engagement. It is focused on identity more and clearly lacks political engagement. Some like to think that racism is over; however, it is continued in the form of lethal attacks, subtle discrimination, in differential opportunities, bullying, racial profiling, color-blind racism, genocide, behavior with new migrants, asylum seekers in context with nation-state, and political initiatives in Europe and elsewhere when it comes to integration. Moreover, recent outbreaks of ethnic cleansing from Iraq to Sudan highlight the presence of ethnicity in modern world and its conflicts (Bulmer and Solomos, 2004, pp.8 -10: Brett, 2002). The happenings such as migration, displacement, and differential reach to nation states and their allocation systems has created an intricate mixture of race, migration, and ethnicity. The older blades of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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