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The media industry has known a considerable boost throughout the past years and has undergone various changes. This steady progress in the media creates many opportunities that transform the press into a dominant factor in people’s lives because it plays a key role in the society…
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Nowadays Media is covering more News on Celebrities than Actual Real News
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However, the growth of the media industry, the advance of the new technologies of information and the related financial outcome explain that today’s media focuses more on providing information about celebrities than dispatching real news. Besides, others believe that the press is correctly doing its job and covers daily news of different forms depending on the events. Moreover, the polemic about the source of real news leads to a new competition between conventional news stations and late night shows. The growth of the media has caused various changes in the industry and shifted its focus from informing the public about real news to displaying news about celebrities. I believe that with the diversity of media outlets that involve newspapers, magazines, radios and cable television, reporters have become more interested in discussing matters that concern celebrities because the public enjoys such stories. The variety of the media creates a real competition that urges editors and producers to foreground news likely to draw more attention to their station. The best example I found about this media frenzy is about Michael Jackson’s death. Indeed, the anniversary of the pop star represented another opportunity for the media in all its components to pay tribute to the late international icon. This reporter portrays the moment as follows: “Michael Jackson's sudden death one year ago today set off a wild media frenzy with television, radio, newspaper and magazine reporters all racing to cover the dramatic end to the pop icon's life. Today, the media frenzy resumes with wall-to-wall coverage of activities marking the anniversary of the King of Pop's death” (Brown). This detailed description reveals the proportion of the coverage the media devotes to Michael Jackson. The news about the death of the pop star fills the press around the world as journalists compete about the newest piece of information to share with millions of people. In addition, the continuous coverage and the diversity of the media involved explain that celebrities like Michael Jackson play a key role in the functioning of the industry. The news of the pop star’s death has succeeded in rendering any major political, economic or social event futile because radio stations, cable television and newspaper editors understand the degree of the challenge and the necessity to meet the expectations. This article informs: “From the eerily titled ‘Michael Jackson: The Afterlife,’ which airs locally at 8 p.m. on WNEP to a two-hour interview with Michael Jackson's mother, Katherine, on WBRE-TV at 9 p.m, multiple television specials and tributes to the ‘Thriller’ hit maker will fill the airwaves” (Brown). This overwhelming and continuous coverage reflects the fame of the artist and the demand of the public to whom it is directed. Each medium, according to its specialty deals with a form of information suited to its audience, which keeps the discussion going. The coverage may discuss Jackson’s financial issues, his children, or his relationship with his family. This statement indicates: “Additionally, tabloids such as the New York Post and the New York Daily News are reporting information about the singer's family, and non-tabloids, such as The New York Times and Wall Street Journal, are reporting about Mr. Jackson's finances and what effect his death has had ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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