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Name Institution Course Instructor Date Social Network Differences between physical and social sciences Physical science deals with certain aspects of nature that include chemistry and physics in studying the nature. From a viewpoint of either a functionalist or materialist, physical science tends to overlap ecological studies especially when studying evidences behind evolution or historical facts…
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Social Network
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Download file to see previous pages The interdependence forged by the concepts of physics and social studies resolves to provide analysts with typically a broad spectrum of differences between the two. Physical science is different from social science due to its observable reality. In many cases, the boundaries shared between social and physical reality are not always clear since they both have diverse methodology, objects of study, and experimental philosophies during their study of social networks. In addition, physical science differs with social science while studying social networks in that, the former deals with the physical appearance of an object while the latter considers an object’s social context. In physical science, analysts do research with regard to physical phenomena where they look into the concrete reality of an object. As such, they do no have to look into the cultural context or structure of an object since their aim is to reach a conclusion that can help understand the past behavior of that object in order to be in a position to predict its conduct in the future (Phillipson, Graham, and Morgan 49). ...
eorist, in his seminal piece of work argued that a triad is a substantial tool suitable for analyzing the dynamics of people’s lives by looking into their sociological relations (Donaldson and Tom 41). According to Amy’s situation, things appear a bit hard to solve but upon applying the principles of dyad commonly argued by several social network analysts, the confusion changes. Generally, Amy can make the triad between her, John, and Edward structurally balanced by allowing qualitatively diverse social dynamics shared between and among herself, Edward, and John reduce to individual dyads. This way, the triad will balance structurally since all dyads will have a dyadic relationship with either of the parties involved. The difference between economic exchange and social exchange Just as documented evidence posits, networks mediates between power and exchange and their existence is solely dependent on availability. In economic exchange, the involved parties structure markets as networks while in social exchange, social relations resolve to produce value which is unequally divisible among the parties involved. As of today, the theory of exchange is one of the mostly applied theories in social sciences (Donaldson and Tom 57). Economic exchange is different from social exchange in that the former is a fundamental premise due to its derivate, which ascertains that human beings’ behavior is nothing more but an exchange of rewards among actors. Economic exchange involves feelings towards free riders and cooperators particularly under certain aspects (To?rnblom and Ali 52). This facet is different from that of social exchange, which must approve the marginal gain within the society. On the other hand, economic exchange, which is a psychological phenomenon, helps social ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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