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Factors Promoting Higher Divorce Rates - Essay Example

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[Instructor Name] Factors Promoting Higher Divorce Rates. Marriage is a legal bond between two people to spend the entire life together and to remain on each other’s side in all situations. Many of the marriages that take place are successful and both the partners live together till the end of their lives very happily…
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Factors Promoting Higher Divorce Rates
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Download file to see previous pages But it is usually in these circumstances that no one is ready to compromise and solve the issue and this small issue turns into a huge fight and it may even sometimes result in divorce. However in some cases divorce can have many other reasons other than the small petty fights (Hetherington, 45-67). Divorce is the legal separation or ending of the relation known as marriage. After the divorce the wife has no right or responsibility over the husband or the husband has any rights or responsibility over the wife. The government has also passed some laws in order to make the matters of divorce satisfactory and acceptable with both the parties and no one is left deprived or treated with some injustice. Without legal work in this matter there were many possibilities that the stronger party would take advantage of the weak party and would do certain injustice to the weaker party. The matter of divorce is very critical and a serious issue and requires serious pondering over the court to handle the matter with equity and justice so that no one can take undue advantage of the other. Divorce has many adverse effects on the children, on the separated wife and husband as well, financial conditions, mental conditions, lifestyle, living conditions, and every bit of life changes due to the divorce. Divorce is the worst act that has been allowed legally (Jasper, Margaret, 34-56). There are a number of reasons that can lead to divorce among the two parties. The reason can be petty fights to huge serious fights. Husband and wife is a relation that is full of small issues and these small insignificant issues must be solved with mutual consences and compromise by both. In the relation of marriage it is extremely necessary that there must be good understanding between them and that they should learn to compromise on small matters and also learn to listen to each other then only the relation can survive and it is usually due to these factors that are not obeyed and followed by the partners that result in divorce. Another major reason of divorce is the violence that the husband does on his wife. Men who suffer from depression or some mental illness are usually involved in such violent activities and when this act of violence becomes unbearable the wife is forced to take divorce. In certain cases the wives are so weak that they spend their entire life getting beaten up and being under the violence of their husbands and those wives which are a bit strong and are able to take stand and they get themselves freed from the tyranny. In these cases divorce is taken in in order to gain security and protection and live a secure life (Levinger, George, and Oliver , 25-67). In certain cases divorce can take place due to the financial crisis and uncertainty in the family. There are possibilities that a time comes when the family comes under serious crisis, it is at this time that the actual test of abiding to all the promises made at the time of the marriage be fulfilled but at this critical time major fights spring up and these fights ultimately result in the destruction of this strong bond and divorce takes place. Financial crisis majorly occur due to unemployment which results in financial ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Factors Promoting Higher Divorce Rates Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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