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Legalization of prostitutes and drugs - Research Paper Example

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Prostitution is a practice or business which involves provision of sexual services in return for payment. The person who is at the receiving end of the payment for these services is called a sex worker or a prostitute…
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Legalization of prostitutes and drugs
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"Legalization of prostitutes and drugs"

Download file to see previous pages In certain countries, prostitution is a permissible but unregulated practice while in others practicing prostitution is a punishable crime or at times it is even a regulated profession. It is said to be one of the most profitable business and annual revenues generated from the global prostitution industry is said to be over the huge amount of 185.67 billion (Havocscope, 2013). Prostitution is perhaps the world's oldest profession (Flowers, 1998) . From classy workers that cost way (The Economist, 2008)up to $5500 for just an hour to cheap sex workers who come a dime a dozen, this multibillion dollar business is prevalent all over the world despite strict regulations in the some countries to stop it. With great debate revolving around freedom of expression and freedom to do what one wants, prostitution is being routed as a profession of choice. It is argued that if any one wishes to be part of such a business, it is up to them. I would like to disagree. In my opinion, a practice from which any good cannot be gained shouldn’t be a matter of choice. It should be a banned and strictly punishable offense in every city, state and country. The disadvantages of a the prostitution business are innumerable. I would highlight some of these extremely detrimental effects of prostitution on the social fabric of the society to make my case.
The usual business principles may apply to the sex business but this profession is unlike any other profession in the world. I would like to begin with how this job objectifies the sex workers (Farley, 2010). There is no reason in the world where a human being should feel like a rented or bought object. This heinous profession raises the question of how valuable or lack thereof the human life is. People do not realize that when they talk about freedom to make their own decision, they totally forget about how a human being under no constitution whatsoever is to be treated like he/she was a piece of property to be rented. Studies have found that women involved in the prostitution business have the highest rates of homicide and rape. Another more easily understandable disadvantage of the profession is the exploitation of the poor. Though in some cases, women and men knowingly make a bad decision to become part of the business, many a times it is the circumstances that force people to become prostitutes. It is a paid job that does not require any qualifications. The money you earn depends upon your looks but the fact is that almost anyone can earn money being a prostitute. This raises the question of actually how many people are forced in this profession just to earn some money. In poor parts of the society, people are often forced to work as prostitutes because it is a profession one can enter into perhaps the most easily. Furthermore, the increasing demand for commercial sex that is prostitution is said to be the main reason behind sex trafficking. The U.S. Government strong stance against prostitution in December 2002 policy decision goes on to prove just how detrimental prostitution is (Us Department of State). Supporters who believe that prostitution should be legalized base their arguments on the fact that legalization would decrease crime and improve public health. Furthermore, it would help to increase the tax revenue and will aid people to move out of poverty. It is falsely believe that legalizing the profession would get the prostitutes off the streets (Procon, 2013). On the other hand, legalizing prostitution would lead ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Legalization of Prostitution
There are various definitions of the term prostitution. Prostitution, according to politics.co.uk refers to offering and providing sexual services for financial gain (Politics.co.uk, 2010, para. 1). Women’s Law defines prostitution as the exchange of sexual acts for money, food, rent, drugs, and other material goods (WomensLaw, 2011, para 1).
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Many countries have not legalized it because they argue that it is an immoral act. This is because it is a very simple issue involving a prostitute and her client conquering on the exchange of sex for money. This is a very simple business which does not violate any person's rights and has no direct harm on any third party.
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Legalization of drugs
While a few years ago there would be very few who would support the legalization of drugs in any form, in today's time, there is a strong wave of public opinion supporting the legalisation of drugs in some form or the other. Recent polls show this trend. A poll in Rhode Island which showed that 71% of respondents supported legalization of all drugs and 26% supported legalization of drugs except for hard drugs. Only 1% favoured the current scenario to continue with only alcohol and tobacco being legal.
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