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Can racism be managed away - Essay Example

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This paper "Can racism be managed away?" discusses how racism can be done away with from the face of this globe through proper efforts and undertakings, and how the collective role of the society can be used in the favor of creating a more beneficial environment…
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Can racism be managed away
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Download file to see previous pages It is imperative to find out what racism in essence is. Racism is defined as a belief that all members within a meticulous race have distinct characteristics or skills which are specific to this very race. It is indeed a form of stereotyping or typecasting people as per their racial backgrounds which is simply an unacceptable norm within the modern domains of this world. Racism is essentially filled with prejudice and discrimination because its basis is set on the wrong footing. The beliefs that bring up such discussions are inherently racist in nature and the ones who indulge in these acts are vehemently opposed by people all around.
When it comes to drawing a line between what can be deemed as acceptable under the racism domains and what is simply not feasible to suggest, the need is to comprehend where this line shall emanate from. Since racism takes its basis from creating a segregated society, doing away with it would always seem the most righteous of objectives. On the same token, the ones who propagate racism should be taken to task by the fundamental leaders of the society, who could be just about anyone dealing with the nuances. Racism is inherently a bad tool for spreading disharmony and there is good reason why it should be avoided at all costs. If the tools behind spreading racism are being used in an outright fashion, the role of the society as well as the government becomes even more significant to understand. This will make sure that the negativities within the system are taken care of. and tackled in an adequately sound manner. The requirement is to make sure that racism is seen as a peril at all times and done away with at the earliest (Murakawa, 2012:44). Managing racism is therefore an art that not many can master. It requires immense patience and understanding more than anything else. Also empathy seems to be the main factor that comes up whenever racism is spoken of, even though this might be suggested of in a wholly negative fashion. Role of the society in dealing with racism As a society, the responsibility of its individuals is to make sure that racism is shown the door at all times. This is because the role of the society today and even in the yesteryears was seen as a very pivotal one, especially against forces which created segregation amongst the people on different levels. When people are treated shabbily due to factors that are not of their own making, this creates a general sense of mistrust amongst all and sundry. There is more anarchy that is grown and developed which one can estimate at any other point in time. Thus it is always good on the part of the society to deal with these nuances in a head-on manner which makes people feel alienated from one another on a number of trivial counts. When the society inculcates proper methodologies to combat racism, its inmates also understand the true value of equality and avoid racism at all costs. However, when racism is rampant, then there are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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