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Race in the cultural imagination - Admission/Application Essay Example

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It is the view of some people that the people of color are inferior to the white people. The fight against racism has been fought for a long time by both the black people and the white people. In the United States of America,…
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Race in the cultural imagination
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"Race in the cultural imagination"

Download file to see previous pages In this paper, I shall discuss racial discrimination, its causes, consequences, as well as the solutions to these problems.
Kathleen Fitzgeraldi states that racism as a challenge cannot be solved by people being color blind. This will only be putting a blanket over the problem and not to solve the problem. Martin Luther King Jr. in his speech, ‘the American Dream,’ wished to see an America where no person was judged or discriminated upon based on the color of his skin. He would have loved to see an America where his children would be judged based on their character and not by their color. This dream has not come to fulfillment fully despite it being fifty years later.
With the election of President Barrack Obama as president of the United States, many thought that America had at last come over the problem of racism. The truth is that there is more than meets the eye in this situation. We would have said that America is over this problem if at all there were no debates to challenge the presidency of Barrack Obama. This issue brought a lot of debate among the American population.
Racial discrimination is premised on many factors. We cannot identify and point out one single factor as what brings about discrimination. It is important to identify the factors that contribute to racism for us to be able to devise ways of combating this behavior. As human beings, it is natural to relate to those we feel are similar to us, and also feel comfortable around them. People then make opinions of those they tend to feel as different from themii. This is how racism comes about.
Whenever a group of people feels threatened by another group, the aspect of fear comes in. in racism, the group that feels superior to the other tends to feel threatened by the group that they consider being inferior: in this case the black people are taken as a threat by the white people. The white people start seeing the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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