Who Killed Princess Diana And Dodi AlFayed - Research Paper Example

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The press court settled on the limousine driver and the paparazzi as the killers of Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed. Few evidences were given that lead to this theory…
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Who Killed Princess Diana And Dodi AlFayed
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Download file to see previous pages Following that, when the driver was off duty, he was drinking alcohol, and this had been reassured when his blood samples were tested. By this, the court concluded that the driver was drunk when he was driving. When the driver was trying to escape from the paparazzi, he was not on his healthful mind; therefore, he could not escape well. In 2008, the article “Jury: Princess Diana, Boyfriend Dodi Al Fayed Killed by the Driver, Paparazzi” on Fox News adding the mentioned theory, that the fast moving limousine was slammed into a concrete pillar while being chased by the photographers on cars and motorcycles. They similarly reported that the blood tests of the driver result showed that he was three-times over the national drunk-driving standard. They also add that Diana and Dodi were not wearing seat belts, and this was a key cause to their death as seat belts prevented many fatal injuries reducing them to 45% as the Highway Safety Research Center reported. The Fox news continues by saying nine photographers were charged, but the chargers were thrown by 2006, not stating why they were thrown. Therefore, the royal family, paparazzi, Al Fayed enemies and Diana herself are all argued reasons on the semi-mysterious death of Princess Diana. Gossips were arguing that the British throne was the Stirrer to Princess Diana’s death. The media had reported this story in different ways. Emery wrote in his article Who Killed Princess Diana that Diana by marrying the Muslim, Dodi Al Fayed, would embarrass the royal family, as he will be the stepfather of Princes William and Henry. This would make sense since the royal family is Christian; thus will hurt their reputation if they had a Muslim member in their family. However, Emery mentioned that close friends denied the marriage rumors. He continues to write” It was suggested that an agent of MI6, the British intelligence service, was present at the scene, posing as a member of the press. It was suggested that a mysterious vehicle, a white Fiat Uno was used by the conspirators to block the limousine's path, forcing it to collide with the pillar” (Emery, 2012). Emery falsified it as he says that no precise evidence was found to support those suggestions on how she was killed. He also mentioned that rumors said that she was pregnant with Al Fayed’s baby, but tests on blood samples that were collected from the accident showed that she was not (Emery, 2012). On the other hand, in February 2009 Leung wrote in her article Diana: Secret Documents Revealed that Diana’s friend Roberto Deverik said, “She was convinced she was going to be killed,” he continues to say that she has been talking about being murdered for a long time. Also in Dailymail.co.ke an anonymous writer stated in his article Princess Diana 'was killed after plan to frighten her went wrong' that whoever killed Princess Diana had no intentions on killing her, they just wanted to scare her so she would break up with Dodi and stop criticizing the British government. Even though, the British authorities were not pleased with Diana’s activities and her relation with Al Fayed, no accurate signs were found to proof that the British throne planned Princess Diana accident. Diana’s death is a mystery, but many argue that she is the cause behind the semi-mysterious dead. Those who claim about the death of Diana argued that she could have faked the death in order to run away from her country and start a new life somewhere else far from the public inquiry ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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