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Discuss the concept of post heritage in relation to two more films that you have studied - Essay Example

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“The Queen” is a British film produced in 2006 that depicts the royal family of the United Kingdom. The historical drama film is about how the Royal…
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Extract of sample "Discuss the concept of post heritage in relation to two more films that you have studied"

Download file to see previous pages The Duchess of Devonshire had an extravagant personal life and her political life. These films become the new significance of the heritage of the United Kingdom. The films contain contemporary political and social events that are not normal for the royal families in Europe.
There were massive social and political implications of Princess Diana’s death and funeral. There was public hysteria during her funeral service that did not sit well with the public. The royal family did not want the death of Princess Diana to be a public affair, but the media could not listen to the family. The views of the royal family were a contrast to that of the then Prime Minister Tony Blair and Diana’s husband Prince Charles. The two believe the funeral of Princess Diana should be made a public affair since she was a public figure. The media naturally complicate the issues surrounding Princess Diana’s death and her funeral (Frears 2006). No one knows the official status of Diana as she had a divorce from her husband during the time of her death. The society loves controversies and spectacles. The drama is surrounding Diana’s death fit right in the popular culture of the people. The heritage film made the people challenge the knowledge they had of the past royal family to the present royal family surrounded by controversy. The experience of the movie is very significant to the present day United Kingdom regarding protocols during the death of a royal family member.
Tony Blair’s fortune takes for the worst after the funeral of Princess Diana the release of the film “The Queen” coincides with his downfall and resignation afterwards. Queen Elizabeth in the film is worried about how Tony Blair is going to modernize Britain as the new Labor Prime Minister. The Prime Minister, however, promises Queen Elizabeth of respecting British’s heritage and the Royal Family order of doing things. Blair, however, goes against the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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