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Concept of Mental Health (Bipolar Disorder) Question: describe the chosen characters from a TV programme (My Chosen character Je - Essay Example

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Jean Slater and Treatment Interventions of Bipolar Disorder Jean Slater and Treatment Interventions of Bipolar Disorder Introduction The aim of the paper is o investigate about bipolar disorder suffered by the character of Jean Slater from the BBC serial EastEnders…
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Concept of Mental Health (Bipolar Disorder) Question: describe the chosen characters from a TV programme (My Chosen character Je
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Extract of sample "Concept of Mental Health (Bipolar Disorder) Question: describe the chosen characters from a TV programme (My Chosen character Je"

Download file to see previous pages Additionally, bipolar disorder is also known as a mood disorder that frequently gives swings to the sufferer’s mood through depressive and manic episodes. Therefore, in this paper charterer portrayal is studied along with investigating about the treatment interventions existing for the disorder. A best suited model is presented in the paper that has to be later followed by the strengths and weakness of the chosen intervention model. The crucial role played by the family and friends is also intended to be studied because the demand of the model requires involvement of the family members. Thus, it can be assumed that paper gives a sufficient amount of knowledge about the treatment interventions along with keeping the charterer of Jean Slater under focus. Jean Slater and Bipolar Disorder Jean Slater is one of the minor characters from the soap opera EastEnders, which was first broadcasted on BBC One in 1985. The program of EastEnders has always been ranked among the UK’s highest rated television shows and the character of Jean Slater is one of the most popular characters in British history of broadcasting. In the serial, Jean was initially married with Brian Slater whom she had two children Sean and Stacey. Her husband died in the end of 1999 due to an accident from the building site. One of the prominent features of this character is to be a sufferer of bipolar disorder, and due to such disability she could not cope up with the loss of her husband. Although Jean was a minor character of the EastEnders; however, her role has always been interesting to the viewers due to the bipolar order suffered by her (Hephaestus Books, 2011). Jean Slater seemed to be ridiculed by the neighbors due to her sufferings from the disease, as sometimes she acted awfully in front of others. Due to the bipolar disorder Jean has undergone with the severe depression and in 2005 she tried to kill herself. Consequently she was sent to a psychiatric unit of a hospital, though; she recovered to some extent from the intensity of the disease. Throughout the serial, Jean showed the symptoms of bipolar disorder including frequent mood swings and distractions. The habits of eating and sleeping of Jean Slater were also altered after she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. As bipolar disorder is such a disturbance, in which serious swings in thinking, mood and behavior occur that later influence the family, professional and social life of the sufferers. The two of the most common symptoms of bipolar disorder are mania symptoms and depression. The presence of both of the symptoms can be observed in the character of Jean Slater. Her suicide attempt and depressive behavior are one of the prominent symptoms to prove her illness of bipolar disorder. Additionally, in 2008 Jean had to confront with a public breakdown that was witnessed by her neighbors and other local residents as she lied down middle of the road (Suppes & Dennehy, 2010). On the other hand, as Jean also tried to commit suicide and this decides the severity of the depression she has been suffering so long. While, by analyzing the feedbacks of the viewers, it has been found that some people believe that, the character of Jean Slater has not been rightly portrayed. They believe that the character of Jean has been portrayed as a crazy person; however, the symptoms of b ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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