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Robert Cotto The story, The Coquis call revolves around Robert, a sociology professor and an immigrant from Puerto Ricans who studied in Bosnia when there were no Latino Americans studying in Bosnia. Therefore, Robert has to keep answering the question of who he really is due to her unique Latino American roots…
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Download file to see previous pages Almost all the members of the family started using and selling drugs out of the devastation following Juan’s death. Robert describes his unique appearance of Puerto Ricans that was confusing but he was still proud of it. His father appeared more like a black while his mother was more like a white. Robert was thus a blend of the two with unique appearance (Garrod, Kilkenny and Gomez 148-155). Robert tell of the racism and stereotyping against the Puerto Ricans which he escaped since he had learnt to act different and was thus considered different from other Puerto Ricans. Though faced by many challenges, Robert had no one to talk to since he had no close friends. In middle school, he was even lonelier as he trusted no one with his secrets about his family. Nevertheless, Robert was determined and performed well in school (Garrod, Kilkenny and Gomez 155-160). Moreover, Robert’s mother was influential and empowered him to apply for a summer college and he earned a position in Ivy League schools, Dartmouth College. In college, he met blacks, Latinos and Native Americans and realized he was not the only different person, which changed his life. Having a Latino American professor and lesson in sociology made him appreciate his Puerto Rican roots. Robert tells of the hurtful rejection from his Indian girlfriends parents due to his cultural identity. The sociology professor instilled in him the desire to be an educator. After finishing college, he pursued a master’s degree in education and became a public school teacher who hopes to establish his own school for Latinos (Garrod, Kilkenny and Gomez 160-166). Viana Turcios Viana Turcios is from Latino origin and tells of her great struggles to gain acceptance in Philips Exeter Academy and Ivy League college, which were dominated by white population. She managed to join school through Scholars Educators Excellence Dedication Success (SEEDS) program that gives financial aid to needy students. Being a firstborn to a single mother and living in poverty was challenging. However, Viana desire to achieve and her mother’s encouragement kept her going. Viana remembers how her father had abducted her at a tender age and how her mother rescued her. Her parents’ divorce taught her of the need to have a stable family and being financially independent. Her mother did odd jobs such as sewing and cleaning apartments and could not support the family. Therefore, Viana and her siblings depended on welfare for education funds. Viana had a stepfather who never lived with them (Garrod, Kilkenny and Gomez 167-173). Viana’s inspiration to live came from her mother who kept struggling to ensure that they were fed and clothed and less dependent on the welfare. However, her mother was a racists and hated blacks. She considered herself a white and was opposed to Viana or any of her siblings dating or associating with blacks. However, Viana hated racism and related with people of all diversities. She remembers of her life in Paterson school and in college where she met homosexual and bisexual students and how this enhanced her ability to associate with diverse groups (Garrod, Kilkenny and Gomez174-179). While in Ivy League college, Viana faced racism since most student thought she was there because of her Latino origin by not Academic capability. However, her appreciation of her Latino ethnicity stimulated her ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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