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Poverty in America - Essay Example

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In the paper “Poverty in America” the author considers the relative and direct methods of John Iceland in which the poverty can be decreased by redistribution of wealth without making the condition worse for the poor people who already are in a bad condition. …
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Poverty in America
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Extract of sample "Poverty in America"

Download file to see previous pages Poverty in a specific area depends upon the economy of that place. Increase in economy decreases poverty and improves the living conditions of the poor people. But if that economy is not divided equally then unequal amounts of income are received by different people on the same level, depending upon their influence. More children being educated and the advent of technology has caused the economy to grow but even with that inequality increased in the last quarter of the twentieth century. Low waged workers lost their jobs to students who had attended college. Manufacturing jobs were taken over jobs requiring great skills and were related to decrease in income. Typists were gradually replaced by people who had know-how of high technology gadgets. More engineers were demanded by companies. Workers working on minimal wages were sent to other countries. In addition to that the working conditions have gotten worse for people working on low wages because of the decrease in the number of unions (Iceland 80-82).
Social groups wanting to get more and more benefits, blocking others’ path to access the resources and opportunities based on racial and sexual bias result in the division of society into different social classes. Minorities often don’t get a shot at good jobs due to this. Some employers also discriminate on the basis of gender and sex while hiring new employees. People living separately also constitutes to the low hiring rate. Blacks suffer from poverty twice as much as the rest of the Americans do (Iceland 81-82).
Women play an important role in contributing to the decrease in poverty of a household, as only 16% of the families have employed fathers. Half of the children spend a good portion of their early years with only one parent. Yet females are more poverty stricken because of lack of resources available and head most of the single parents’ families. Blacks and Hispanics face more unemployment due to racism and lack of education and are likely to be taking care of the family (Iceland 88-90). The economy has grown over the past years but the question remains why the poor are still poor and maybe even poorer. Poverty depends on three things in general. Increase or decrease in income, economic bias and number of family members. If the growth in economy is unequal, then it will affect the income of the families which is a negative impact of the growth in economy, as the poor got poorer comparatively and they were not able to enjoy the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Poverty in America Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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